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Health Administration Study Abroad 2022

Berlin and Munich, Germany


City block of Munich from above


Study Abroad: The Germany Experience examines the administration of health services in Berlin and Munich, Germany. We will focus our attention on social, economic, and political factors that are relevant to planning health services and delivering health care as the country’s road to recovery from a public health pandemic. Our group will visit with health leaders and health organizations, as well as meet with local health practitioners, while exploring the culture and history of Germany. 


The Germany Experience course emphasizes interactive discussions surrounding the differences and commonalities of German and United States health care systems. The international travel opportunity will also us to explore various health institutions and cultural sites, such as the Brandenburg Gate, the Holocaust Memorial, Robert Koch Institute, and the Berlin Wall. We will meet both prior to and following the trip to Germany to better prepare for and process the experience.


Germany Gate Entry  Berlin Landscape

Course Name

HSA4955 Study Abroad Healthcare: The Germany Experience (Undergraduate) (3 Credits)

HSA6958 Study Abroad Healthcare: The Germany Experience (Graduate) (3 Credits)