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Student Testimonials

Chandler M. Headshot


The UNF MHA program has served as the ideal environment to develop skills related to the world of healthcare administration by utilizing instructors with a wealth of knowledge and insight in many areas paired with engaging coursework. This program has provided me the opportunity to increase my professional network and guide me towards the best path to becoming a leader in today's society. - Chandler M.


Haley W. Headshot


When researching MHA programs, I was looking for a CAHME accredited program and opportunities to enhance my leadership skills. The MHA program at UNF has surpassed my personal standards with their small class sizes allowing me to connect with my peers, faculty who are integrated in many of the local healthcare organizations, and leadership involvement in student organizations. These characteristics of the MHA program create a dynamic environment for learning and real-world application that I will take with me throughout my career. - Haley W.


Stephanie C. Headshot


The UNF MHA program is comprised of outstanding professors who care about each and every student, structured coursework that aligns with what is occurring in the healthcare industry today, and endless opportunities to grow as a student and professional. I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to attend such an exceptional program that has provided me the skills and confidence to be an effective healthcare leader. - Stephanie C.


David D. Headshot


The UNF MHA program has allowed me to apply knowledge learned during convenient night classes to my full-time job at Baptist Health. It also has given me the opportunity to develop leadership skills through student organizations, such as the Health Administration Student Organization. UNF's strategic position in Jacksonville's healthcare community has not only connected me to my current employer, it also continues to connect me with professionals from acute care, post-acute care, payer, consulting, and academic settings. As a lifetime learner, the opportunities for professional and personal growth are bountiful. - David D.


Yi W. Headshot


This program has granted me experience I never expected, including the opportunity to work in multiple healthcare organizations across the city, the opportunity to publish a research article, and the opportunity to serve as the team captain for a national health administration competition. My experience will not be the same without the generous support from my peers and the faculty of this program. - Yi W.