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Health Administration 

Program Competencies (BHA & MHA)

On completing the program the students should be able to:


  1. Listen and understand the ideas and thoughts of others
  2. Speak clearly and effectively before individuals and groups and use non-verbal forms of communication.
  3. Communicate clearly and effectively in writing.
  4. Demonstrate appropriate communication for different audiences and situations.

Interpersonal Effectiveness

  1. Work collaboratively in a team setting.
  2. Coach, mentor and support others.
  3. Establish, build, and maintain relationships with others including those with diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
  4. Use diplomacy and tact.

Critical Thinking

  1. View issues from different perspectives and ask the right questions when making decisions.
  2. Identify and prioritize organizational needs and solutions.
  3. Use statistical and analytical tools to measure and improve organizational performance.
  4. Appropriately challenge others viewpoints and perspectives.

Business Analysis and Problem Solving

  1. Apply economic theory and advanced financial knowledge to decision making.
  2. Demonstrate strategic thinking skills in planning and evaluation.
  3. Recognize political and legal implications of actions and decisions.
  4. Identify and prioritize organizational needs and market imperatives in design and development of business plans for health Programs and services.
  5. Demonstrate project management skills.

Management and Leadership

  1. Demonstrate basic leadership skills.
  2. Know, support and use team development methods.

Professionalism and Ethics

  1. Articulate, model and reward professional values and ethics.
  2. Understand, demonstrate and reward cultural sensitivity and competence.
  3. Demonstrate integrity in dealing with others.
  4. Establish and maintain professional relationships.