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Brooks College of Health

Department of Health Administration Highlights



This year, the Department of Health Administration (DHA) has accomplished very much in a short period of time. Both the MHA and BHA programs have continued grown. Student outcomes continue to be maintained at a high level. Specifically, our department has achieved the following over the past year:

Student and Program Highlights:

  1. Five MHA students participated in the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) national Case Competition. The UAB Health Administration Case Competition provides graduate students from CAHME-accredited programs an opportunity to put what they have learned into practice with a real-life case.
  2. 14 students participated in the American College of Health Executives Congress in Chicago with full travel scholarships.
  3. 18 students participated in the 2017 Study Abroad Program to Hungary and Austria and received full scholarship.
  4. Student organizations -Health Administration Student Association (HASA) and UPDelta- successfully hosted an end of Year Award and Banquet. About 130 people from community organizations and Programs attended.
  5. Five students received the Leadership Institute Award, two students received the Health Administration Advisory Board award, and four students received the national Association of University Programs in Health Administration (AUPHA) Foster G. McGaw Scholarships.
  6. Almost 100% MHA students were placed for either full time jobs or fellowship/paid residency positions before or right after their graduation
  7. The department successfully implemented the first Global Health Certificate Program in the Fall of 2017.
  8. Both the BHA and MHA Programs maintained their certification/Accreditation
  9. Both graduate and undergraduate students volunteered actively in the community
  10. Successfully implemented a plan to build close relationship with our alumni

Faculty Highlights:

  1. Two faculty got promoted (Dr. Hanadi Hamadi to associate professor and Dr. Rob Haley to full professor).
  2. Dr. Hanadi Hamadi received the UNF Summer Development Grant Award $20,000 and a $500 Technology Grant
  3. Drs. Rob Haley and Mei Zhao received the UNF transformational Learning Opportunity Award $24,000
  4. Dr. Cynthia White-Williams received the Health Innovation Research Scholarship Research Grant $5,000.
  5. Dr. Mei Zhao received the international training grant of $107,638 to implement the Global Health Certificate program.
  6. Several faculty submitted external grants to federal and local agencies
  7. In the academic year 2017-2018, the faculty collectively had 11 peer reviewed journal articles published, 25 peer reviewed presentations and many invited presentations
  8. The chair and faculty successfully raised over $11,000 for the new Department foundation account in less than one year
  9. Drs. Hanadi Hamadi and Sinyoung Park received the Best Paper Award in Healthcare Management Track at the Business and Health Administration Association, April, 2018
  10. Dr. Zhao successfully led a delegation composed of BCH leader, Mayo Clinic leaders, and DHA leaders and faculty to China to promote UNF and develop more innovative collaborations in April 2018.