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Brooks College of Health Faculty - A World-Class faculty

There is no more critical factor in preparing health professionals than the faculty. The Brooks College is graced with an extraordinary group who are not only dedicated educators, but who are nationally recognized in their areas of expertise. Virtually all are published in the leading scientific journals; subjects range from nutrition in Hispanic populations, and detecting food and water-borne diseases, to the geographic range of vector ticks that spread Lyme disease. A partial listing of faculty research is found on this Web site.

Many of the faculty deliver presentations and papers on topics like recovering from eating disorders, advances in qualitative research measures, and fraud detection in healthcare, at conferences from Jacksonville to Johannesburg.

Faculty have served in leadership roles such as President of the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics (formerly, the American Dietetic Association), President of the National Council on Rehabilitation Education, and President of the Florida Dietetic Association.