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Front of the J Brooks Brown Hall building

Departments, Programs & Centers

The Brooks College of Health offers a variety of programs and opportunities through its academic departments, flagship programs, research centers and community initiatives.

Academic Departments

Department of Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences

The Department of Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences prepares students for healthcare careers in prevention, evaluation, treatment, and rehabilitation of physical dysfunction and injury. The undergraduate and graduate Exercise Science and graduate Athletic Training and Physical Therapy programs require hands-on clinical experience opportunities along with professional experience (internship). Upon graduation, students are eligible to take licensure examinations or certification examinations in their specified field.

Department of Nutrition & Dietetics

The Department of Nutrition & Dietetics offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The Department engages and transforms students into effective nutrition and health professionals who make significant contributions to their communities. Students who obtain these degrees are qualified to work in a variety of settings, including healthcare, public health, wellness, school nutrition, media, and private practice. Following the undergraduate program, graduates are eligible to apply for a dietetic internship. The MS degree in Nutrition & Dietetics provides advanced practice, knowledge, and skills. In 2011 these programs were selected as the sixth flagship program at UNF.

Department of Public Health

The Department of Public Health includes programs in Public Health and Clinical Mental Health Counseling, offering both undergraduate and graduate degrees. The programs in this department prepare students to work in public or private healthcare settings. These programs also enhance the careers of students who currently work in public health or mental health counseling positions. Opportunities for field experiences and study abroad are available to all public health students.

Department of Health Administration

The Department of Health Administration offers both undergraduate and graduate degrees. Programs in Health Administration prepare students to work in administrative positions in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes and many others. These programs also serve to enhance careers of students currently working in the health field.

School of Nursing

The School of Nursing offers a wide variety of programs at the undergraduate and graduate levels. The program has a community-based, population-focused curriculum corresponding to changes in healthcare delivery trends. The curriculum helps students understand community environments as well as nurturing and building relationships with community agencies. In 2005, the School of Nursing was selected as the first flagship program at UNF.

Flagship Programs

Programs are selected for Flagship status in general because of their excellence in the scholarly accomplishments of their faculty and the demonstrable potential of those faculty to sustain a trajectory toward scholarly distinction; their potential to produce particularly compelling or exceptional educational outcomes for students; and their power to link the quality of education at UNF to a range of civic needs in the region. For this reason, Flagship Programs are selected to receive significant budgetary support for a period of five years (with the possibility of further, albeit reduced, support), during which time they are ideally expected to become self-sustaining or to have generated external funding support.

  • The School of Nursing was the first program to be given Flagship status, in July 2005.
  • The Department of Nutrition & Dietetics received Flagship status in June 2011, making it the sixth Flagship program at UNF.

Centers and Initiatives

Center for Aging Research

Administered through the Department of Health Administration, the Center's goal is to implement ongoing research on aging service issues and serve as a centralized information resource center for senior services in the northeast Florida region.

Healthcare Leadership Institute

The Healthcare Leadership Program provides a structured educational experience that encompasses the principles and concepts of leadership to both graduate and undergraduate students in the Health Administration Program, and other Brooks College of Health students.

Center for Nutrition and Food Security

Located in the Department of Nutrition and Dietetics, the Center for Nutrition and Food Security serves as a gateway to the University for non-profit agencies, government programs, professional organizations, and industry personnel by exploring solutions to food insecurity and malnutrition.