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Undergraduate Academic Policies

Concurrent or Transient Enrollment

Any current UNF student interested in taking a course at another institution must receive permission from the Advising Office. Sophomore level students can take up to 8 credits at another institution. Upper-level courses specific to the student's major must be approved by the program director. Students must speak with an advisor before they fill out the electronic transient form prior to the semester they wish to take the course.

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Degree Evaluation

Each new transfer student (except freshmen) and native sophomore, junior, senior and post-baccalaureate UNF student must meet with the Brooks College of Health Academic Advising Office to review their degree evaluation once they enter the college. This meeting is mandatory and typically takes place prior to registration. Each admitted health student or UNF health student who reaches 30 credits will receive an email notification for a meeting. An Advising Hold will be placed on the student's account to ensure they meet with Advising in a timely manner.

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Professional Behaviors and Background Check Requirements

All students in the Brooks College of Health programs will be held accountable to the most recent Code of Ethics, Guides for Professional Conduct and/or Position Statements as developed by their respective disciplines. Refer to your program handbook.


A background check will be required prior to internships, clinical experiences, and other types of experiential learning (i.e. volunteering, shadowing, etc.). The background check must be done through a vendor sanctioned by the Brooks College of Health and using the application format for the students' particular program.

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Defined Major for Limited Access Programs

Students who are designated a Brooks College of Health limited access major including Prelicensure Nursing or Exercise Science must meet the minimum GPA admission requirement once the student has 45 attempted credit hours.

Limited access major students who do not meet the minimum GPA admission requirement when they have 45 attempted credit hours must change their major to Pre-Health before proceeding with additional coursework. Students will closely work with Brooks College of Health academic advisors to improve their academic performance while at the same time exploring alternate major options.

Pre-Health majors may apply for a limited access program once they meet the admission requirements or change major to another program.

Additionally, students who do not meet minimum college overall GPA requirements (3.0 for pre-Nursing; 2.75 for pre-Exercise Science) may not change their major to pre-Nursing and pre-Exercise Science.

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Returning from Academic Probation or Suspension

Students on academic probation that go inactive after non-enrollment for three consecutive semesters must receive permission from the program director to be re-admitted into the major. Suspended students who wish to be re-admitted must receive permission from the program director and chairperson. Certain majors within Brooks College of Health will not re-admit students who left the institution on probation or were suspended.

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Duplicative Credit Policy

If a student repeats a course for which they have already been awarded credit by UNF as transfer credit or institutional credit and the course is not designated as repeatable by UNF, the earned credits for only the last attempt will be counted towards the total hours for the baccalaureate degree program. 


If a student takes a course which has a description explicitly stating they cannot receive credit for both it and another course for which UNF has awarded transfer credit or institutional credit, the earned credits for only the last attempt will be counted towards the total hours for the baccalaureate degree program.

View more information about the University's Duplicative Credit policy.

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Excess Hours Surcharge Policy - Section 1009.286 Florida Statutes

 An excess hours surcharge is assessed to students for excess attempted hours (courses completed, failed, withdrawn). Repeating coursework will count towards your attempted hours and could affect the Excess Hours Surcharge policy. To review your Excess hour status, go to myWings (Student records  Student Self Service → Student Records → Excess Hours Status screen). 

View more information about the University's Excess Hours Surcharge policy.

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Grade and Term Forgiveness

Undergraduate, degree-seeking students attempting their first baccalaureate degree may improve their grade point average by repeating a course and requesting that the repeated course and its corresponding grade be the one counted in all the student's applicable Grade Point Average calculations. Or, they may request term forgiveness for exactly one term at UNF instead. A student granted term forgiveness may not exercise grade forgiveness. Term forgiveness may not be used if grade forgiveness has been implemented.

View more information about the University's Grade and Term Forgiveness policy.

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Withdrawal Limitation

There are course withdrawal limits for all degree-seeking and non-degree seeking undergraduate students. The limit is six UNF course withdrawals.


  • Three course withdrawals at the 1000/2000 level
  • Three course withdrawals at the 3000 level or above

View more information about the University's Withdrawal Limitation policy.


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Degree Progression

The University of North Florida is committed to helping students achieve their educational goals and graduate in a timely manner. As part of this commitment, students are required to declare an academic course of study or major at an appropriate time. Moreover, there may be restrictions on courses that do not contribute to degree completion, and students must follow guidelines regarding their ability to change major.


View more information about University's Degree Progression policy.

Note: Please refer to UNF Catalog for all other university policies and regulations.

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