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How to Take Courses at Another Institution

Can I take classes at another school?

Yes, students may attend other schools as a transient or concurrent enrolled student, BUT WITH STRICT LIMITATIONS and PRIOR APPROVAL. Please see your academic advisor. It is recommended that you contact the other school to find out their registration requirements and deadlines. BCH Advising will allow students to take courses at another institution per prior approval. Students taking courses at another institution within the state of Florida must fill out an online form for approval. Upper level major courses must be approved by the program director.


Transient forms can be completed electronically for Florida State schools. These forms will be routed to your college for an advisor's approval, the Registrar for certification, and to the school you indicate you will attend. You will be updated of the status of this application by UNF e-mail. (For out-of-state or private schools you must use the Concurrent/Transient Student Form.)


Upon finishing the course, we require that an official transcript be sent to us so that the course can be applied to your transcript. Please visit the Registrar's office where you are attending and submit a request to send your transcript to One-Stop Student Services. Sometimes you can submit this request online.

How do I take a class at another school?

All Brooks College of Health students interested in taking a course at another school must submit an electronic transient form for approval to the Brooks College of Health (see instructions below).

How to fill out a concurrent enrollment/transient form at (for taking courses outside of UNF)

  1. Create or reset PIN (must be different from one for myWings login) through MyWings Account(Students page/Student Self Service/Student Records/FloridaShines PIN Management). You will use this PIN in step 5.
  2. Visit
  3. Within "Succeed in College" menu (put a cursor over it), click on Take a course at another school.
  4. Next screen, scroll to the bottom and click on "Apply or check the status of your Application now".
  5. Select UNF as your home institution, enter your N number as student ID, and enter the PIN you created in Step 1 of this instruction.
  6. Once logged into the system, read the first screen and click "Next" to get to the Transient Admissions Application.If you see your previous application, click "New Application" at the top right corner first.
  7. Select "Brooks College of Health" as your School or College. Click "Next".
  8. Fill out your information on the application and click send at the bottom. **If you are currently taking a prerequisitefor the course on this transient request outside of UNF, paste a copy of the registration in Student Comments box. **
  9. If your request includes incorrect information, and you do not respond to our call/email regarding the error, the request will be denied after 5 business days of non-response.
  10. After submitting the form, monitor the application at the site or wait for an email notification that your form was approved by the transient school (entering your email on the form is required). Once the form is approved by the transient institution, it will show "Approved" instead of "In-Progress" in the site.
  11. Then, you must contact the transient institution to register for the approved course. (FSCJ phone number - 904.646.2300)Note: FSCJ transient students: Confirmation number will be provided for you upon FSCJ approval of your request. The confirmation number is also your user ID that you will use to login to your student portal: myFSCJ. For new students, please contact the FSCJ Help Desk at (904) 632-3151 or (877) 572-8895 with your confirmation number to set up your password. Please keep in mind that it may take approximately 24-48 hours before you are able to login and register for your course(s).

After completing approved course(s), you must request an offical transcript to be sent to UNF to transfer the credits to UNF.


FSCJ transcript order: Order FSCJ transcripts


SJRSC transcript order: Order SJRSC transcripts


For more questions and instructions on how to fill out a concurrent enrollment/transient form, please visit your BCH Advisor or email for directions to


For information on how financial aid works with the concurrent enrollment courses, visit Financial aid info


After completing approved course(s), you must request an official transcript to be sent to UNF to transfer the credits to UNF.

How long does the approval process take?

It can take from 1 to 3 weeks to approve a concurrent enrollment form, so please give yourself plenty of time.

What else should I know about the process?

A grade of C or better is required unless a higher grade is indicated. If a student chooses to take a prerequisite course at another institution, permission to take the subsequent course may be given, but confirmation of registration will be required to recieve an registration override for the course. If the course is not degree applicable, your financial aid may not cover the cost. You will need to contact the financial aid office for questions and clarification. Please note that you must meet all prerequisites for your desired course at the transient institution.

Are there any courses I can't take at another school?

All Upper level courses to be used in a major or minor MUST be preapproved by the appropriate Program Director before an Academic Advisor can approve it. All courses that transfer must have a grade of "C" or better unless otherwise indicated.


Students are not allowed to take courses at another institution in their final semester at UNF. This policy includes correspondence courses and CLEP examinations. If taking a course in your final semester is your only option, work with your advisor regarding final transfer transcript deadlines. See your advisor for more clarification and any questions you may have. If you are about to graduate and are using this course as one of your requirements, we cannot clear you for graduation until the final official transcript is received showing the grade in this course.