Welcome to the Brooks College of Health Advising Office





BCH Advising Mission

The Brooks College of Health Advising Office takes a proactive approach in serving all student populations interested in the health field. By advocating and collaborating with all University resources the advising office will assist students in building strong academic and personal skills. Advising will provide personalized and developmental advising geared to assist students academic and career goals. In addition, Advising promotes independent decision making skills that develop competent individuals.

Important Dates 



Jan 27       Deadline to petition to late register($100 late fee) for a Spring 2017 class

Jan 27       Deadline to reinstate for Spring 2017

Jan 27       Spring 2017 Course Transfer Deadline


Feb 3          Deadline to Withdraw from ALL Spring 2017 Courses(25% Refund)


Mar 2          Mid-Term Grades Post to myWings

Mar 3          Summer 2017 Course Schedule Posts

Mar 20-Mar 26

                   Spring Break 2017

Mar 27        Deadline to Apply for Spring 2017 Graduation

Mar 30        Registration Time Tickets Post to myWings for Summer/Fall 2017

Mar 31        Fall 2017 Course Schedule Posts


Apr 7          Deadline to Withdraw from Spring 2017 Classes (no refund)

Apr 10        Summer & Fall 2017 Registration begins by Assigned Time Ticket

Apr 21        Spring 2017 Classes End

Apr 22-Apr 28

                   Spring 2017 Final Exams