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Pre-Health Track

Prerequisites & Free Elective Courses


The information listed below are examples of courses one will take as a Pre-Health Track Student at UNF.

Common prerequisites among Health degrees:

PSY2012 Introduction to Psychology
MAC1105 College Algebra
STA2014 Elementary Statistics
HUN2201 Human Nutrition
BSC1010c General Biology I with lab
BSC2085c Human Anatomy and Physiology I with lab
BSC2086c Human Anatomy and Physiology II with lab
Chemistry with lab – either CHM1025/1025L Intro level OR CHM2045/2045L General Chemistry I

Additional prerequisites:

DEP3054 Lifespan Developmental Psychology
MCB2010c Microbiology with lab
SPC2604 Fundamentals of Speech
POS2041 Intro to American Government
FSS1202/1202L Food Fundamentals with lab

Recommended free electives

HSC2000 Healthcare Careers
HSC2100 Personal and Public Health
HSC2619 Intro to Exercise Science
HSC3537 Medical Terminology
HSA4111 US Healthcare System
LDR3003 Intro to Leadership

Health Administration Program Prerequisites

ACG2021 Financial Accounting
ACG2071 Managerial Accounting
HSC2619 Intro to Exercise Science
ECO2023 Microeconomics
CGS1100 Microcomputer Application