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To learn more about the Brooks College of Health, how you can help us get better or how we can help you be better, please call, write or visit.

Dean's Office of Administration

Curt Lox, PhD



Catherine Christie, PhD, RD

Associate Dean


David G. Zelenka

Director of Development


Michelle Drinks

Assistant Director of Development

(904) 620-1240

Administrative staff

Susan Russo

Coordinator Administrative Services

(904) 620-1206


Miranda O'Brien

Web and Social Media Coordinator

(904) 620-5894


Jodi Newton

Coordinator IT Support 

(904) 620-1240


Dona Yazbec

Office Manager (to the Director & Assistant Director of Development)

(904) 620-1201


Carolyn Smith

Executive Secretary (to the Associate Dean)

(904) 620-1055


Pamela Niemczyk

Administrative Assistant

(904) 620-2810


Lauryn Hartley

Student Assistant

(904) 620-1055


Meriam Elbahri

Student Assistant

(904) 620-1055

Academic departments

Academic Advising

Miwa Nguyen, Director

(904) 620-2812

School of Nursing

Cindy Cummings, Interim Director

(904) 620-1626

Clinical & Applied Movement Sciences

Joel Beam, Chair

(904) 620-2841

Nutrition & Dietetics

Lauri Wright, Chair

(904) 620-1436

Public Health

Michele Moore, Chair

(904) 620-2840

Health Administration

Mei Zhao, Chair