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Jacqueline S Meier

Assistant Professor | Assistant Professor

Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Anthropology, Archaeology, Zooarchaeology, Osteoarchaeology, Taphonomy


Post-Doctoral Fellow in Anthropology     

Trent University, Canada                        2017–2018

      Department of Anthropology       


Ph.D. in Anthropology                    

University of Connecticut, USA                        2017

      Department of Anthropology, Old World Archaeology Wing.


M.Sc. in Osteoarchaeology             

University of Edinburgh, U.K.                          2009

      School of History, Classics and Archaeology


B.A. in Anthropology and Spanish            

University of Louisville, USA                            2006



My research investigates human-animal relations across pivotal shifts in human history—from the decline of Neanderthals in Paleolithic France, to the beginning of animal domestication in Neolithic Israel, and to the rise and fall of urban centers across Bronze–Iron Age Greece. I integrate zooarchaeological and contextual taphonomic methods to detect daily meals, past rites (i.e. feasting), and norms of refuse management. By examining this evidence through social zooarchaeology and ecological anthropology frameworks, I work to form more complete models of past ecologies during times of human stress across diverse environments.



I focus on the archaeology of Mediterranean sites ranging in date from the Middle Paleolithic to Iron Age. My broader interests include the study of human and animal remains from sites and time periods across the world. I currently study fauna remains from sites in Israel, Greece and France and have experience curating and studying fauna from archaeological sites and modern taphonomic collections across Europe, North America, and Africa. I have also worked with human remains, specifically a Medieval assemblage from Scotland, and often draw upon bioarchaeological spatial analysis techniques (via GIS) in my faunal research.


2011    Best Poster Designed Entirely by Students, Archaeological Institute of America


Board Member, Archaeological Institute of America, Jacksonville Society

Grants and Contracts Awarded

External Competitions

2017-2018       Post-Doctoral Fellowship, Trent University, Ontario Canada


2013    National Science Foundation Dissertation Improvement Grant


2012    CARE Archaeological Foundation Grant, PI: Dr. Natalie Munro


2012    American School of Classical Studies at Athens, Wiener Lab Travel Grant


2006    Darcy Blair Memorial Scholarship, The Community Foundation of Louisville


2004    PortAnta Summer Archaeology Fellowship


University  Competitions


2015    Anthropology Dissertation Writing Fellowship, University of Connecticut


2014    University of Connecticut Dissertation Fellowship


2011, 2012, 2013    University of Connecticut Summer Research Grant


2005    University of Louisville Hicks International Travel Award


2004 & 2005   U of L Richard B. and Constance Lewis Educational Fund Award


2004 & 2005   U of L Modern Languages Travel Fund Award


2004    U of L Vice President of Research Award


2002    U of L Trustee's Scholar

Publications & Presentations


2020* Meier, J.S., The contextual taphonomy of middens at Neolithic Kfar HaHoresh. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports33, p.102531.

In press* Meier, J.S., Price, G.C., Shelton, K. Distinguishing palatial from autonomous subsistence provisioning with zooarchaeological and isotopic analyses at Petsas House, Mycenae (Late Helladic IIIA2). In: Food Provisioning in Complex Societies, eds. L. Attici & B. Arbuckle. Proceedings of the 12th Meeting of the International Council of Archaeozoology, Sept. 22–27, 2014. For University of Colorado Press.


2019*            Kvapil, L.A., Meier, J.S., Price, G.C., Shelton, K. Beyond City and Country at Mycenae: urban and rural practices in a subsistence landscape. In: Country in the city: Forms and functions of agro-pastoral activities in Mediterranean pre-Classical cities (Aegean and Western Mediterranean Protohistory), eds. D. Garcia, R. Orgeolet, M. Pomadère, J. Zurbach. Proceedings of the conference in Marseille, France October 16th–17th, 2014.


2019* Morin, E.+, Meier, J.+(+Equal Contributions), El Guennouni, K., Moigne, A., Lebreton, L., Rusch, L., Valensi, P., Conolly, J. and Cochard, D. New evidence of broader diets for archaic Homo populations in the Northwestern Mediterranean. Science Advances (Nature publications).


2018*  Munro, N.M., Sapir-Hen, L., Meier, J.S., Bar-Oz, G. Stiner, M. The Emergence of Animal Domestication in the Southern Levant. Scientific Reports. []


2017*  Meier, J.; Goring-Morris, A. N.; Munro, N. D. Aurochs bone deposits from Kfar HaHoresh and the southern Levant across the agricultural transition. Antiquity 91(360), pp.1469–1483. []


2017*  Meier, J.; Goring-Morris, A. N.; Munro, N. D. Depositional Histories of Faunal Remains at the Cultic Site of Kfar HaHoresh, Israel. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. [Web link:]


2016*  Meier, J.; Goring-Morris, A. N.; Munro, N. D. Provisioning the ritual Neolithic site of Kfar HaHoresh, Israel at the dawn of animal management. PLoS One 11(11): e0166573.       []


2015*  Munro, N.D.; Kennerty, M.; Meier, J.; Samei, S.; al-Nahar, M.; Olszewski, D. I. Human Hunting and Settlement Mobility in the Early Epipaleolithic of the Jordanian Western Highlands. Quaternary International. vol. 30, 1e9. []


2014    Kiper, J. and Meier, J. The Problems and Origins of Belief in Big Gods. Religion, Brain and Behavior. vol. 4, issue 3. []


2013*  Meier, J. More than Fun and Games? An Experimental Study of Worked Bone Astragali from Two Middle Bronze Age Hungarian Sites. In From These Bare Bones: Raw materials and the study of worked osseous objects, eds. A. Choyke & S. O'Connor. Proceedings of the Raw Materials session at the 11th ICAZ Conference, Paris, 2010. Oxbow Books: Oxford. []


2009    Meier, J. Appendix II: Bronze Age worked animal bones from Zagyvapalfalva-Homokbanya (Northern Hungary). In Ticsicum. Szolnok.


Presented Papers and Posters

2019    Meier, J.S. Neolithic Kfar HaHoresh: Contextualizing diet and disposal practices at a ceremonial center. Archaeozoology of Southwest Asia Meeting , 3-7 June 2019, Barcelona, Spain.

2018    Co-Chaired Session with Yeshurun, R.: Contextual Taphonomy in Theory and Practice. 13th International Council of Archaeozoology (ICAZ) Meeting September 2­–7, 2018. Ankara, Turkey


2018    Meier, J.S. From meat to meals to middens: the contextual taphonomy of faunal refuse at Neolithic Kfar HaHoresh. ICAZ Meeting 2018. Ankara, Turkey


2018    Meier, J.S. Faunal Perspectives on Occupation Intensity and Use of Space at Neolithic Kfar HaHoresh. Society of American Archaeology Annual Meeting, Washington, D.C.


2018    Meier, J.S. The Zooarchaeology of Ritual Meals Across the Agricultural Transition in the Southern Levant, Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.


2018    Morin, E. Meier, J.S., El Guennouni, K., Moigne, A., Lebreton, L., Rusch, L. Valensi, P., Conolly, J., and Cochard, D. Revisiting Diet Breadth in Middle and Late Pleistocene Europe: Implications of New Findings. Neanderthal: The Conference, Gibralter.


2018    Trusty, D., Meier, J.S., Price, G., and Shelton, K. Power, provisioning, pots, and pigs at Petsas House, Mycenae. Session: Food and Drink in Archaeology: multidisciplinary approaches to past food practices. 24th Annual Meeting of the European Association of Archaeologists, Barcelona, Spain.


2018    Price, G.C., Meier, J.S. (Invited Talk) Renovative Modeling: Upgrading Faunal (Re)Distribution at Late Bronze Age Mycenae, Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, Boston, MA.


2017    Munro, N. D., Meier, J.S., Sapir-Hen, L. Early Human Control over Ungulate Taxa in the Southern Levant. SAA 2017, Vancouver, BC.


2016    Meier, J.S. Vertebrate Osteology and the Human Past, Invited Speaker. Meredith College, NC.


2015    Meier, J.S. A Zooarchaeological Investigation of Variation in Animal Use at Petsas House, Mycenae. Archaeological Institute of America Annual Meeting, New Orleans.


2014    Shelton, K., Kvapil, L., Price, G.C., Meier, J.S. Beyond City and Country at Mycenae: Urban and rural practices in a subsistence landscape. Marseille, France, October 16-17, 2014.


2014    Meier, J.S., Price, G.C., Shelton, K. Animals Beyond the Cyclopean Walls: Integrating faunal and isotopic analysis at Late Helladic IIIA2 Petsas House. ICAZ 2014, Argentina.


2013    Munro, N. D., Kennerty, M., Meier, J. S., Samei, S. Human Hunting and Landscape use in the Jordanian Western Highlands during the Early Epipaleolithic. SAA 2013. Austin, TX.


2011    Price, G., Meier, J.S., Shelton, K. Poster: Death and Destruction: Preliminary Observations of Archaeological Fauna from the Petsas House Well. AIA 2011. San Antonio, TX. Winner Best Poster Designed Entirely by Students.


2010    Meier, J.S. Worked bone astragali from Bronze Age Hungary. Invited Speaker, Yale Lunch Seminar Series


2010    Meier, J.S. Poster: An experimental study of worked bone astragali from two Hungarian Middle Bronze Age Sites. International Council of Archaeozoology (ICAZ) Conference. Paris, France.

Contact Information

(904) 620-2850

Office Hours

Th 11am-12pm