Wanyong Choi

Assistant Professor

Leadership, School Counseling & Sport Management | College of Education & Human Services

Areas of Expertise

Sport Marketing

Sports Match Data Analysis

Sports Business Data Analytics

Sports Match Data Information Management

Sports Rules

Sports Diversity (Acculturation)


 Ph.D.        Indiana University Bloomington (2016)

                     Major: Sport Management

                     Minor: Inquiry Methodology

 M.S.          Indiana University Bloomington (2011)

                     Major: Sport Management

 M.R.A.      Myong Ji University (Seoul, KOREA) (2009)

                     Major: Sports Match Data Analysis

 B.S.          Myong Ji University (Seoul, KOREA) (2004)

                     Major: Physical Education      


Since August 2018, Dr. Wanyong Choi has joined as an assistant professor of Sport Management Program within the Department of Leadership, School Counseling & Sports Management. Prior to his position at UNF, Dr. Choi served for three years as an assistant professor and undergraduate coordinator at the Marshall University in West Virginia. Also, he worked for six years as a Sports Data Analyst for the Korea Broadcasting System (KBS), Mun-hwa Broadcasting Corporation-Sports cable (MBC Sports Plus), and various mass media outlets in Korea. His job responsibilities included developing program for quantitative and qualitative analysis of the soccer, tennis, volleyball and Taekwondo matches through new technology applications. As a sports analyst, Dr. Choi mainly worked with media, coaches and players. Additionally, he participated in various research projects with the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) and Korea Institute of Sports Science (KISS) as an assistant researcher for construction of databases and the analysis of national elite players’ performance. Dr. Choi received his bachelor’s in physical education and his master’s in sports match data analysis from Myong Ji University in South Korea. In addition, he received his master’s in sport management and his doctoral degree in sport management from Indiana University Bloomington. Dr. Choi is conducting a Taekwondo match analysis program development project. His research interests include a focus on sport rules, the role of new technology for sponsorship and utilizing of various quantitative and qualitative match data in the sport management field.

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