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Anna Claire Hodge


English | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise


2016 - PhD, Creative Writing from Florida State University

2010 - MFA, Creative Writing from Virginia Commonwealth University

2007 - B.A., Communication from College of Charleston



Scholarship, Martha's Vineyard Institute of Creative Writing, 2016

Tennessee Williams Scholarship, 2014 Sewanee Writers’ Conference

Finalist, Dora & Alexander Raynes Poetry Prize, 2014

Finalist, Wabash Prize for Poetry 2013

Best New Poets 2013 Anthology

Finalist, 49th Parallel Award for Poetry, 2013

Finalist, Copper Nickel Poetry Contest, 2012

Publications & Presentations

Selected Publications

"Elegy, Ft. Greene" in Turn It Up! Music In Poetry from Jazz to Hip-Hop

“Elegy for Innocence, Outer Banks” in Vinyl Poetry, Spring 2015

“Heirs Apparent” “Bipolar II” “YouTube Videos of Koko The Gorilla” “The Joy of Cooking” in diode, Spring 2015

“Muck City” in Mid-American Review, Spring 2015

“My New Friend” “Disowned” “Imbalance Appraisal, Homeopath’s Waiting Room” in Prairie Schooner, Spring 2015

“A Midwesterner Waits for the Hurricane” “I-75 N, En Route to Tallahassee” in MiPoesias, Fall 2014

“Optometry Technician in Training” in Willow Springs #74, Summer 2014

“Instructions for the Host” in Drunken Boat, Winter 2014

“Elegy, Ft. Greene” in It Was Written: Poetry Inspired by Hip-Hop, 2016

“Elegy With Shotgun” in Four Way Review, Spring 2014

“Royal Wedding Commemorative Mug” in Bellingham Review, Spring 2014

“She’d Be Dead By Spring” “On Considering Antidepressants” “Knitting & Sexting” in Connotation Press, November 2013

“Where We Have No Business” in Best New Poets 2013

“New Year’s Eve, Key West” in The Journal, October 2013

“Elegy, Ft. Greene” in The Collagist, Issue 42, January 2013

“Daylight Savings Elegy” in Glassworks, Spring 2013

“Lepidoptera Nocturne” in Myrrh, Mothwing, and Smoke: An Erotic Poetry Anthology (Tupelo, 2013)

“Where We Have No Business” in Copper Nickel, Fall 2012

“Division of Assets, Bangladesh” in Hayden’s Ferry Review, Fall 2011


Contact Information

(904) 620-2273