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Thomas Caswell

University Librarian | Public Services - University Librarian

Library | Academic Affairs Division

Areas of Expertise

Library and Information Science; Academic Libraries; Public Services


M.A., Library and Information Science - University of South Florida

B.A., Art History - University of Florida



Prior to being appointed Director of Public Services at UNF, Thomas Caswell was University Librarian (tenured) at the University of Florida where he was Assistant Head of the Architecture & Fine Arts Library. He has over 25 years of academic library experience. He has also been the PI or an investigator on over $410,000 of internal and external grants. His NEH grant for "Unearthing St. Augustine's Colonial Heritage" was the largest of only 4 awarded in the State of Florida in 2012. Current research interests include academic library mentoring, digitization of archives, and examinations of specialized collections use and access.


Ask-a-Librarian Exemplary Reference Award for a Teaching Chat

Andrew Cahan Photography ARLIS/NA Conference Travel Award

GODORT/ALA David Rozkuszka Scholarship

Phi Kappa Phi

Phi Beta Kappa


Current member of and several past leadership positions (chair, conference program planner, board liaison) within American Library Association (ALA), Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL), Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA), and International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA).

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Principal Investigator, National Endowment for the Humanities, "Unearthing St. Augustine's Colonial Heritage: An Interactive Digital Collection for the Nation's Oldest City," $265,000; July 1, 2012-June 30, 2015. Access:

Co-Principal Investigator, University of Florida Technology Fee, "Untethered Instruction: Engaging Learners In and Out of the Classroom," $95,572; August 2014-September 2015.

Investigator, National Park Service Save America's Treasures, "Saving St. Augustine's Architectural Treasures," $41,181; October 1, 2009-September 30, 2011.

Publications & Presentations

Monographs/Book chapters:

Caswell, T. R. and M. N. Ochoa. Collaborative Teaching and Learning Tools: SPEC Kit 328. Washington, D.C.: Association of Research Libraries, 2012.

Caswell, T. R. "The Art of Mentoring Across Disciplines," in Mentoring in Librarianship. Jefferson, N.C.: McFarland & Co., c2011.

Caswell, T. R. "Art and Architecture," in Guide to Reference. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009-2015.

Caswell, T. R. "Design and Applied Arts," in Guide to Reference. Chicago: American Library Association, 2009-2015.

Caswell, T. R. and L. S. Freund. Scanning Services for Library Users: SPEC Kit 288. Washington, D.C.: Association of Research Libraries, 2005.

Refereed articles:

Caswell, T. R., et al. "2018 Top Trends in Academic Libraries: A Review of the Trends and Issues Affecting Academic Libraries in Higher Education," College & Research Libraries News, 79, no. 6 (June 2018).

Caswell, T. R. and T. A. Baglier, "Destroy your Classroom! Re-conceptualizing the Instructor/Student Model in Academic Libraries," Journal of Library Administration, 56, no. 1 (January 2016).

Caswell, T. R. "Studies in Government Publications' Use, 1990-1996," Government Information Quarterly (GIQ) 14 (1997): 363-371.

Non-refereed articles:

Caswell, T. R. "Unearthing Strategic Partnerships: Collaborating with Archives to Build a Local History Collection," Computers in Libraries, 35, no.1 (January/February 2015): 4-10.

Caswell, T. R. and A. W. Asher and A. M. Lindell, "A Tale of Two Libraries: Merging Collections and Cultures on Campus," Florida Libraries, 57, no. 1 (Spring 2014): 19-21.

Caswell, T. R. "Museum Studies: Online Resources for Students and Practitioners," College and Research Libraries (C&RL) News 68, no. 7 (July/August 2007): 422-426.

Invited or Refereed Presentations:

"Eroding Barriers: Creating Student-Centered Learning Spaces for Art & Design." (with T. Baglier) Art Libraries Society of North America Annual Conference, Seattle, WA, March 2016.

"Open Resources for Arts and Design Disciplines." (with A. Asher and A. Lindell) Florida Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, Gainesville, FL, October 2015.

"Creating Untethered Learning Spaces." (with T. Baglier) Association of College and Research Libraries Conference, Portland, OR, March 2015.

"Partners in Preservation: Documenting the Nation's Oldest City." Art Libraries Society of North America Annual Conference, Washington, DC, May 2014; and American Library Association Annual Conference, Las Vegas, NV, June 2014.

"Unearthing St. Augustine's Colonial Heritage: Creating a Digital Collection from Hidden and Fragile Resources." Florida Trust for Historic Preservation Annual Conference, St. Augustine, FL, May 2013.

Contact Information

Building 12, Room 2512

(904) 620-5455