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Courtney N Azzari

Assistant Professor | Marketing

Marketing & Logistics | Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise

Consumer Behavior
Transformative Consumer Research
Services Marketing
Consumer Vulnerability
Sustainability and Marketing
Consumption and Rituals


Ph.D., Marketing, University of Wyoming, 2016
M.S., Marketing, Clemson University, 2011
B.S., Marketing, Clemson University, 2010


In her research, Dr. Courtney Azzari has focused primarily on issues related to Services Marketing and Transformative Consumer Research. Her work seeks to better understand how individuals consume services to enhance personal and environmental well-being during transformational ritual experiences. Specifically, her work has explored the process of individual-level ritual change and the manifestation of this process for service providers and related consumption activities, by focusing on consumers who selected sustainable alternative burial services. Dr. Azzari also researches issues of consumer vulnerability and social justice. Overall, she seeks to understand how service providers can positively influence meaningful life experiences in ways that are inclusive, co-creative, responsive, and considerate of well-being issues.


Dr. Azzari has taught Principles of Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Consumer Behavior. In 2015, she received a teaching award from the University of Wyoming. Dr. Azzari's approach is based on the idea that students need both the practical understanding of how to participate in the business world and the theoretical understanding of why business works the way it does. Her overarching teaching goals for students include instigating an excitement for marketing, preparing for applications of marketing skills after graduation, developing critical thinking skills, and broadening overall perspectives and worldviews.


2016 Charles C. Slater Award for the Best Article in Volumes 34 and 35 of the Journal of Macromarketing

2015 University of Wyoming Ph.D. Student Teaching Award

2010 Clemson University Marketing Distinction Award


Association for Consumer Research
American Marketing Association
Academy of Marketing Science
Consumer Culture Theory

Grants and Contracts Awarded

November 2013 - Grant from the University of Wyoming College of Business Sustainable Business Practices Fund


August 2013 - Grant from the Association for Consumer Research and the Sheth Foundation in support of Transformative Consumer Research

Publications & Presentations

Dorsey, Joshua D., Paul Hill, Nora Moran, Courtney Nations Azzari, Farnoush Reshadi, Ilana shanks, Jerome D. Williams (2019), "Leveraging The Existing US Healthcare Structure for Consumer financial Well‐Being: Barriers, Opportunities, and A Framework Towards Future Research," Journal of Consumer Affairs, DOI: 10.1111/joca.12274.



Nations, Courtney, Stacey Menzel Baker, and Eric Krszjzaniek (2017), "Trying to keep you: How grief, abject affect, and ritual transform the social meanings of a human body," Consumption Markets & Culture, 20(5), 403-422.


Anderson, Laurel, Jelena Spanjol, Josephine Go Jefferies, Amy L. Ostrom, Courtney Nations Baker, Sterling A. Bone, Hilary Downey, Martin Mende, and Justine M. Rapp (2016), "Responsibility and Well-Being: Resource Integration Under Responsibilization in Expert Services," Journal of Public Policy & Marketing, 35(2), 262-279.


Baker, Courtney Nations, Stacey Menzel Baker, and James W. Gentry (2016), "The Role of Body Disposition in Making Sense of Life and Death," in Death and Consumer Culture, ed. Susan Dobscha.


Baker, Stacey Menzel and Courtney Nations Baker (2016), "The Bounce in Our Steps from Shared Material Resources in Cultural Trauma and Recovery," Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, 2 (April) Special Issue on “Sharing,” Russ Belk and Linda Price (eds.).


Baker, Stacey Menzel, Monica LaBarge, and Courtney Nations Baker (2016), "On Consumer Vulnerability: Foundations, Phenomena, and Future Investigations," in Vulnerable Consumers: Conditions, Contexts, Characteristics, eds. Susan Dunnett, Kathy Hamilton, and Maria Piacentini.


Baker, Stacey Menzel, Ronald Paul Hill, Courtney Nations Baker, and John D. Mittelstaedt (2015), "Improvisational Provisioning in Disaster: The Mechanisms and Meanings of Ad Hoc Marketing Exchange Systems in Community," Journal of Macromarketing, 35(3), 334-352.


Upadhyaya, Shikha, Richard J. Vann, Sonia Camacho, Courtney Nations Baker, R. Bret Leary, John D. Mittelstaedt, and Jose Antonio Rosa (2014), "Subsistence Consumer-Merchant Marketplace Deviance in Marketing Systems: Antecedents, Implications and Recommendations," Journal of Macromarketing, 34(2), 145-159.

Contact Information

Building 42, Room 3224

(904) 620-5322