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Margaret C Stewart

Associate Professor

Communication | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise


Ph.D., Indiana University of Pennsylvania, Communications Media & Instructional Technology, 2013.

M.A., La Salle University, Professional Communication, 2007.

B.A., La Salle University, Communication, 2003.



  • Top 3 Paper Award, Interpersonal Division. Eastern Communication Association's Convention; Pittsburgh, PA (2013).
  • First Place Award, Professional Production Competition. The National Broadcasting Society and Alpha Epsilon Rho (2013).
  • Delta Epsilon Iota, Academic Honor Society (2013).
  • Most Influential Professor. Received four student-athlete nominations. Athletic Department, Bloomsburg University (2012).
  • Lambda Pi Eta, National Communication Association's Honor Society (2003).
  • Alpha Epsilon, Alumni Honor Society of La Salle Univerisyt (2002).


  • National Institute of Social Media, 2013-Present.
  • New Jersey Communication Association, 2014-Present.
  • Council of College and Military Educators, 2011-2012, 2014-Present.
  • Eastern Communication Association, 2010-Present.
  • National Communication Association, 2010-Present.

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Riviello, S. and Stewart, M.C. (2014) Converging STEM and Communication & Digital Media in 21st Century Higher Education. "Building Faculty Capacity for 21st Century Teaching" Initiative: A SEPCHE Opportunity to Advance the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning. Awarded $1200.00. Grant period - AY 2014-2015.

Publications & Presentations


  • Stewart, M.C. and Wilson, B.G. (2015).  The dynamic role of social media during Hurricane #Sandy: An introduction of the STREMII model to weather the storm of the crisis lifecycle.  Computers in Human Behavior, 1-8.   
  • Stewart, M.C. (2014). Technologically Mediated Communication among Military Spouses: The Role of New Media and Mobile Technologies during Wartime Deployment. The Journal of Communications Media Studies, 6, 51-69.
  • Stewart, M.C. and Leidman, M.B. (2014). New media's role within the community  of American military families. The Journal of Technologies in Society, 10(2), 1-12.
  • Stewart, M.C., Goodboy, A.K., and Dainton, M. (2014). Maintaining Relationships on Facebook: Associations with uncertainty, jealousy, and satisfaction. Communication Reports, 27(1), 13-26.
  • Stewart, M.C., (2011). New Media's Role in Reporting the Death of Osama bin Laden: An Ethical Perspective. Proceedings of the Third Annual Laurel Highlands Communication Conference, 124-129.
  • Stewart, M.C. (2010). Employment of Communication Technologies by Military Families for Relation Maintenance: An Examination of Uses and Effects. Proceedings of the Second Annual Laurel Highlands Communication Conference, 152-159.
  • Defelice, R., Ekinde-Epwene, B., Stewart, M.C. and West, C. (2010). New Media's Impact on Communication Theory. Proceedings of the Second Annual Laurel Highlands Communication Conference, 50-56.


  • Stewart, M.C., Lanzillo, J.D., and Pent, A.K. (March, 2015). Student Engagement using Social Media in Communication and Sport; Paper Presentation. The International Association for Communication and Sport (IACS) Communication and Sport Summit; Charlotte, NC.
  • Eisenberg, J.B. and Stewart, M.C. (March, 2015). College Athletes and Twitter: Exploring trash talking and competitive gratifications online; Paper Presentation. The International Association for Communication and Sport (IACS) Communication and Sports Summit; Charlotte, NC.
  • Stewart, M.C. (February, 2015). The Influence of Big Data, Mobility, and Social Media on Military Veteran Education in America; Paper Presentation. 11th International Conference on Technology, Knowledge and Society and the Technology, Knowledge and Society; University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.
  • Pent, A.K., Lanzillo, J.D., and Stewart, M.C. (February, 2015). Incorporating Social Media in Sport Management Education: Promoting professional development, community-building, and best practices; Paper Presentation. Commission on Sport Management Accreditation (COSMA); Philadelphia, PA.
  • Stewart, M.C. (January, 2015). Innovative Practices for Integrating Social Media within Contemporary Military Education; Paper Presentation. Council of College and Military Educators (CCME); Anaheim, CA.

Contact Information

Building 014D, Room 2021

(904) 620-2650