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Stephen P Stagon

Associate Professor | Presidential Faculty Leader in Innovation

Mechanical Engineering | College of Computing, Engineering & Construction

Areas of Expertise

Surfaces, Surface Coatings, Interface Engineering, Materials Synthesis, Materials Characterization, Bonding and Joining, Entreprenuerism


  • Ph.D., Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut, 2013.
  • B.S., Mechanical Engineering, University of Connecticut, 2009.


I like to get my hands dirty in teaching and research. My favorite classes to teach are senior capstone design and manufacturing courses with hands on build requirements. In my research, I like to work in the lab side by side with my undergrads and grad students. 



  • Presidential Faculy Leader: Innovation
  • 2017/18 Outstand Undergraduate Teaching Award
  • 2017 UNF Undergraduate Mentor of the Year
  • 2016/17, 17/18 Mechanical Engineering Professor of the Year
  • 2013 University of Connecticut Mechanical Engineering Graduate Research Competition
  • GAANN Fellow 2009-2013
  • University of Connecticut Academic Achievement Scholarship
  • October 2012 National Science Foundation Innovation Corps. Entrepreneurial Lead
  • Smallest Metallic Nanorods Using Physical Vapor Deposition (Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 136102 (2013)) featured as editor's choice, featured on APS, featured on UConn Today


Member of ASME and AVS 

Associate Editor at the Journal of Semiconductors 

Faculty Advisor for: Osprey Robotics, UNF ASME, UNF FES

Grants and Contracts Awarded

PI for more than $400K of external funding for sponsored projects and $80,000 awarded ($50,000 accepted) of UNF funding. Co-PI of $500K+ external funded research. 

Funding agencies include : NASA, Los Alamos National Lab, Johnson and Johnson

Publications & Presentations

20+ Peer Reviewed Journal Articles Published Since 2012

Selected Publications

Davies, M. P.*, McKinney, C. S*., Serrano, J. M*., Mullen, T. J., & Stagon, S. P. (2017). Effects of adhesion layer on Ag nanorod growth mode and morphology using glancing angle physical vapor deposition. Applied Physics Letters110(5), 053109. * UNF Undergraduate Student

Gobble*, A. Stark*, & S. P. Stagon (2016). Improved Bond Strength of Cyanoacrylate Adhesives through Nanostructured Chromium Adhesion Layers. Nanoscale Res. Lett., Accepted 9/4/2016. * UNF Undergraduate Student

S.P. Stagon, A. Knapp*, P. Elliot, and H. Huang (2016). METALLIC GLUE FOR AMBIENT ENVIRONMENTS MAKING STRIDES. ADVANCED MATERIALS & PROCESSES, 174(1), 22-25. *UNF Undergraduate Student

Knapp, A*., Schonning, A., Stagon, S., & Livingstong, B. (Winter 2016). Development of

3D Geometry of the Foot for FE Plantar Fasciitis Study. Journal of Management and Engineering Integration. * UNF Graduate Student

Surapureddy, R.*, Schonning, A., & Stagon, S. (2014). Predicting Pressure Distribution Between Transfemoral Prosthetic Socket and Residual Limb Using Finite Element Analysis. International Journal of Experimental and Computational Biomechanics, 4, 32.

Elliott, S. P. Stagon, & H. Huang (2015). Control of Separation and Diameter of Ag Nanorods through Self-organized Seeds.Scientific reports,P. Stagon and H. C. Huang (2014) Airtight metallic sealing at room temperature under small mechanical pressure, Nature Sci. Rep., 3, 3066.

S.P. Stagon and H.C. Huang (2014). Controllable growth of aluminum nanorods using physical vapor deposition. Nanoscale Res. Lett., 9, 1-5.

Niu*, S. P. Stagon*, H.C. Huang, J. K. Baldwin, and A. Misra (2013) Smallest Metallic Nanorods Using Physical Vapor Deposition, Phys. Rev. Lett. 110, 136102. *Co-first Author, featured by American Physical Society and Editors Choice

10 US Patent Applications Submitted since 2014

 4 US Patent Applications with UNF Undergraduate Students

 PCT/US2014/043139 “Airtight metallic sealing at room temperature under small mechanical pressure.” Authors: Stephen Stagon and Hanchen Huang.

 “Combined Hydrophobicity and Mechanical Durability through Nanoengineering” Authors: Paul Elliott, Stephen Stagon, Hanchen Huang, David Furrer, Surgei Burlatsky, Thomas Filburn.

No.: 62/196,684 “ Low-temperature welding with spaced nanorods and eutectic alloys.” Authors: Stephen Stagon, Paul Elliott, Hanchen Huang.

Contact Information

Building 0004, Room 2213

(904) 620-5437