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Paul T Fuglestad

Associate Professor | Associate Professor

Psychology | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Social & Personality Psychology, Health Behavior Change, Self-regulation, Self-monitoring, Relationship Processes


Ph.D. Social Psychology, University of Minnesota

B.A. Psychology, Calvin College


Broadly, my research interests lie at the intersection of social, personality, and health psychology. My current lines of inquiry focus on behavior change and relationship processes that impact people’s physical and psychological well-being. Listed below are research questions that I am currently investigating:

What processes govern the initiation and maintenance of health behavior change? How do individual differences in self-regulation and other aspects of personality relate to health behavior change? How can maintenance be improved?

How do relationship processes affect well-being and health behaviors? Does it matter if relationship partners agree or disagree regarding important attitudes and values? How do power and influence dynamics relate to well-being?


Society for Personality and Social Psychology

Social Personality and Health Network

Society of Behavioral Medicine

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Dean’s Research Professorship Grant (2018-2020): Examining the impact of college on eating disorders, weight and health behaviors: A longitudinal cohort study. Brooks College of Health, University of North Florida.


Faculty Development Scholarship Grant (2016-2017): Development of a NIH R15 proposal to examine an electronic activity monitor system (EAMS) in a behavioral weight loss program. Academic Affairs, University of North Florida.


Faculty Development Scholarship Grant (2015-2016): Using tailored messages to encourage healthy lifestyle choices in a brief, self-directed intervention. Academic Affairs, University of North Florida.


Environmental Center Seed Grant (2015): Should we ‘Go Green’ or ‘Police Pollution’: Using regulatory fit theory to craft effective pro-environmental messages. Environmental Center, University of North Florida.


Pilot and Feasibility Grant (2012-2013): Matching messages to self-regulatory dispositions in a brief self-directed weight loss intervention. Minnesota Obesity Center, University of Minnesota.


Postdoctoral Fellow (2010-2013), Minnesota Obesity Prevention Training Program, University of Minnesota.

Publications & Presentations

Fuglestad, P.T., Leone, C., & Drury, T. (2019). Protective and acquisitive self-monitoring differences in attachment anxiety and avoidance. Self and Identity


Fuglestad, P.T., Nicholson, J., & James, L. (in press). Health behavior change. Entry to appear in K. Sweeney & M. Robbins (Eds.), The Wiley Encyclopedia of Health Psychology. Wiley.


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Fuglestad, P.T., Rothman, A.J., & Jeffery, R.W. (2008). Getting there and hanging on: The effect of regulatory focus on performance in smoking and weight loss interventions. Health Psychology, 27, S260 – S270.

Contact Information

Building 51, Room 3419

(904) 620-1630