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Junga Kim

Assistant Professor

Communication | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise


  • Ph.D., Journalism and Communications, University of Florida, 2014.
  • M.A., Journalism and Mass Communication, University of Minnesota, 2010.
  • M.A., Mass Communications, Ewha Women University, Seoul, Korea, 2001.
  • B.A., Mass Communications and Consumer Science & Human Development, Ewha Women University, Seoul, Korea, 1999.


Publications & Presentations


  • Junga Kim and Bijie Bie (2013), "A Dangerous Neighbor: The News Frames of the Radiation Effects From the Fukushima Nuclear Accident" Risk Management, 15(3), 180-198.
  • Huh, Jisu, Denise E. DeLorme, Leonard N. Reid, and Junga Kim (in press), "Does it Matter to Korean and White Americans Where Drug Ads are Placed?: Perceptions of the Information Utility of DTC Advertising Media," Journal of Advertising Research.
  • Huh, Jisu, Denise E. DeLorme, Leonard N. Reid, and Junga Kim (2013), "Korean Americans' Prescription Drug Information Seeking and Evaluation and Use of Different Information Sources," Journal of Health Communication, 18(5), 498-526.
  • Huh, Jisu, Denise E. DeLorme, Leonard N. Reid, and Junga Kim (2013), "How Korean and White Americans Evaluate and Use Online Advertising and Non-Advertising Sources for Prescription Drug Information," Drug Information Journal, 47(1), 116-124.
  • Junga Kim, and Jisu Huh (2012), "Perception and Use of Ethnic Online Communities as a Health Information Source among Korean Immigrants in the United States," Health Communication Research, 6(1), 43-91.
  • Lee, Chunsik, Junga Kim, and Sylvia Chan-Olmsted (2011), "Branded Product Information Search on the Web: The Role of Brand Trust and Credibility of Online Information Sources," Journal of Marketing Communications, 17(5), 355-374.
  • Jang, Yongbae, Minja Kim, and Junga Kim (2004), Seoulite (people living in Seoul), and their Thoughts, Seoul: Seoul Metropolitan Government, Korea.

Contact Information

(904) 620-2650