David R Forde

Chair/ Professor

Criminology and Criminal Justice • College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Crime Prevention, Violence, Victimology, Epidemiology, Social Statistics, Survey Research


Ph.D., University of Alberta (Sociology, 1992)

M.A., University of Manitoba (Sociology, 1987)

B.Sc., University of Victoria (Psychology, 1982)


Dr. David R. Forde is Chair and Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice.  His background includes administrative and faculty experiences.  Dr. Forde has been an Associate Dean, a Department Chair, a Graduate Director, a Director of Survey Research Centers at two universities, and a McNair Fellow at the University of Alabama. His substantive area publications appear in journals such as Justice Quarterly, Journal of Interpersonal Violence, and Violence and Victims. His interdisciplinary work has also led to collaborative publications appearing in prestigious medical journals such as Archives of General Psychiatry, Journal of Internal Medicine, and American Journal of Psychiatry.


Member of the Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences

Member of the American Society of Criminology

Publications & Presentations

Recent journal publications.

Heckler, N.C., Forde, D.R., & Bryan, C.H. (2013). Using writing assignment design to mitigate plagiarism. Teaching Sociology.

Forde, D.R., Baron, S. W., Scher, C.D. & Stein, M. B. (2012). Factor structure and reliability of the Childhood Trauma Questionnaire and prevalence estimates of trauma for Male and Female Street-Youth. Journal of Interpersonal Violence, 27 (2), 364-379.

Martin, J., Lichtenstein, B., Jenkot, R., & Forde, D.R. (2012). They Can Take Us over Any Time: Correctional Officers' Responses to Prison Crowding. The Prison Journal, 92 (1), 88-105.

FordeContact Information

Building 51, Room 2130

(904) 620-2413