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Ko Sze Lee


Foundations & Secondary Education | College of Education & Human Services

Areas of Expertise

Mathematics, education, educational psychology, cognitive science, mathematical reasoning and proving, self-directed learning and collaborative learning with technology


Ph.D. Educational Psychology - Michigan State University

M.Sc Mathematics - National University of Singapore

BSc Mathematics - National University of Singapore


Dr. KoSze Lee earned his Ph.D. at the Michigan State University and M.Sc. at the National University of Singapore. After he received his Ph.D., he worked as a research associate in the GISMO team at the North Carolina State University to investigate the use of technology in mathematics learning as well as the unpacking of Common Core State Standards for Mathematics (CCSS-M).
Before coming to U.S., he was an education officer with the Ministry of Education in Singapore. While teaching 6-12 mathematics in Singapore, he had mentored beginning teachers and integrated technology into mathematics instructions. He had also designed curricular materials for preschool mathematics reform and provided professional support to teachers and principals. While in U.S., he taught learning theories of mathematics to student teachers and co-taught a rational number reasoning course to prepare K-8 mathematics teachers for CCSS-M implementation.
His research interests include mathematical reasoning and proving, analysis of U.S. and Singapore curricula and standards (including Common Core), students’ mathematics learning trajectory, and the integration of technology into teaching and learning. He had authored or co-authored papers and proceedings in national and international mathematics education conferences and journals, for example, ICMI, ZDM, Cognition and Instruction, etc. He had shared his findings with teachers and researchers in regional and national conferences to improve the mathematics teaching and learning experiences of teachers and students. His research, training and experiences position himself as a balanced intellectual in issues relating mathematics content, curricula, and pedagogy across U.S. and Singapore.

Before his pursuit of the educational interests, he was interested in Chaos Theory and Bifurcation Control, Complex and Real Dynamical Systems, Julia set and Mandelbrot set fractals. His Honors and Master theses were about quasi-conformal mapping of attractors in complex dynamical systems and chaos control of Lorenz systems. This is a world where Mathematics and Aesthetics merge.


Nominee, Most Caring Teacher Award, National Junior College, Singapore, 2003

Public Service Commission Teaching Merit Scholarship, Ministry of Education, Singapore, 1991- 1995


National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics, Oct 2013 - Present
Florida Council of Teachers of Mathematics, Sept 2013 – Present
Singapore Teachers’ Union, member, Oct 1998 – Present

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Service, Teaching, and Research (STaR) Fellowship, Association of Mathematics Teacher Educators (AMTE), 2014 - 2015

Research Enhancement Award, Michigan State University, May 2009

Summer Research Fellowship, Michigan State University, May 2005

University Graduate Recruiting Fellowship, Michigan State University, 2004/05

Contact Information

(904) 620-2610

Office Hours

By appointment