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Kim Cheek

Associate Professor

Childhood Education, Literacy, and TESOL | College of Education & Human Services

Areas of Expertise

STEM Education


Ph.D. Education (science)

University of Durham



M.S. Geosciences

Mississippi State University



M.Ed. Elementary Education

Towson University



B.A. Elementary and Special Education

Goucher University



Dr. Kim Cheek is a native of Pennsylvania but has lived in a variety of places inside the U.S. and overseas. She has a Ph.D. in science education from Durham University in the UK., as well as masters’ degrees in elementary education and geoscience. Kim has 11 years of full-time teaching experience as an elementary and middle school classroom teacher and an elementary special education teacher. At UNF, Kim teaches STEM methods courses for elementary and early childhood majors.

Her research interests include how spatial, temporal, and numeric thinking impact science learning, teaching for conceptual understanding in science, model-based reasoning, and differentiated instruction as a means to further participation of underrepresented populations in STEM. Kim has conducted research both within and outside the US.


Phi Beta Kappa


National Science Teachers Association

National Association of Geoscience Teachers

Geological Society of America

National Council of Teachers of Mathematics

Council for Elementary Science International

Grants and Contracts Awarded

2016     Spatial and Temporal Scale in K-8 Science Standards and Textbooks, UNF Academic Affairs Scholarship Faculty Development Grant

2012-2013 COEHS Faculty Support Grant

Publications & Presentations

Selected publications:

Cheek, K. (in press). Do Indonesian children’s experiences with large currency units facilitate magnitude estimation of long temporal periods? Research in Science Education.

Cheek, K.A. (in press). Chapter 14: Processes shaping the Earth in Rillero, P. (ed.). Mastering science content for middle school teaching and the NES general science exam.

Lukes, L.A., LaDue, N.D., Cheek, K.A., Ryker, K., & St. John, K. (2015). Creating a community of practice around geoscience education research: NAGT-GER. Journal of Geoscience Education, 63(1), 1-6, doi:

Cheek, K. (2013). How geoscience novices reason about temporal duration: The role of spatial thinking and large numbers. Journal of Geoscience Education. 61, 334-348.

Cheek, K.A. (April/May 2013). Washed away! Science and Children. 50(8), 52-56.

Cheek, K.A. (2013). Exploring the relationship between students’ understanding of conventional time and geologic time. International Journal of Science Education. 35(11), 1925-1945. doi: 10.1080/09500693.2011.587032.

Cheek, K.A. (2012). Students’ understanding of large numbers as a key factor in their understanding of geologic time. International Journal of Science and Mathematics Education. 10(5), 1047-1069. doi: 10.1007/s10763-011-9312-1.

Cheek, K.A. (2010). A summary and analysis of twenty-seven years of geoscience conceptions research. Journal of Geoscience Education, 58, 122-134.

See CV for full list of publications and presentations.

Contact Information

Building 57, Room 2210

(904) 620-2794