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Kevin G Hulen

Asst Dir Quality Assessment | Adjunct

DL-UNF Online | Academic Affairs Division

Areas of Expertise

Fish biology, ecology, and systematics. Science education, technology, and pedagogy. Instructional design, universal design, and online course design quality and assessment.


M.Ed. Secondary Science Education, University of Florida (2010)
M.S. Zoology, University of Florida (2004)
B.S. Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida (1998)


Kevin Hulen has been involved in the design and development of online content for more than 20 years. He came to UNF in 2012 from the University of Florida (UF) where he earned graduate degrees in Biology and Education and worked with several science departments to implement educational technolgy. Kevin currently focuses on the implementation of institutional-initiatives related to impact of online learning, including student satisfaction, faculty satisfaction, student success factors, and other analytics related to online course quality and review. In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with family, surfing, and travelling.


2008. Prudential Davis Productivity Award
Received award for “Streamlining Laboratory Learning Through Web-Based Applications.” Developed E-learning course management system and interactive web applications to facilitate active learning in the Biology labs.

Publications & Presentations

  • Hulen, K.G. (2019). Community of Practice on Sustainable Instructional Design Teamwork. Presented at 3rd Annual TOPkit Workshop. Orlando, FL.
  • Hulen, K.G. (2018). Community of Practice on Sustainable Instructional Design Teamwork. Presented at the OLC Accelerate 2018 Conference. Orlando, FL.
  • Hulen, K.G. (2017). Refining A Faculty Development Model To Provide A More Personalized Curriculum: Design Thinking In Action. Presented at the OLC Accelerate 2017 Conference. Orlando, FL.
  • Hulen, K.G. (2016). Leveraging Expert Instructional Design Strategies to Develop Quality Online Courses. Presented at the OLC Innovate 2016 Conference. New Orleans, LA.
  • Wagner, D. L., Hulen, K.G. (2016). Collaborating with an instructional designer to develop a quality learner-engaged online course. Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 6(4):40-47.
  • Hulen, K.G., Lerman J., L'Ecuyer R., Fuller J. (2015). A Systematic Approach To Converting An Entire Degree Program To Fully Online. Presented at the 8th Annual Emerging Technologies For Online Learning Conference. Dallas, TX.
  • Hulen, K.G., Albert, J.S., and Crampton, W.G.R. (2005). Phylogenetic systematics and historical biogeography of the Neotropical electric fish Sternopygus (Teleostei: Gymnotiformes). Systematics and Biodiversity. 3:407-432.
  • Crampton, W.G.R., Hulen, K.G., and Albert, J.S. (2004). Sternopygus branco: A New Species of Neotropical Electric Fish (Gymnotiformes: Sternopygidae) from the Lowland Amazon Basin, with Descriptions of Osteology, Ecology and Electric Organ Discharges. Copiea. 2:245-259.
  • Crampton, W.G.R., Hulen, K.G., and Albert, J.S. (2004). Redescription of Sternopygus obtusirostris (Gymnotiformes, Sternopygidae) from the Amazon basin, with description of osteology, ecology and electric organ discharges. Ichthyological Explorations Freshwaters. 15(2):121-134.
  • Chapman, L.J. and Hulen, K.G. (2001). Implications of hypoxia for the brain size and gill morphometry of Mormyrid fishes. Journal of Zoology. London 254:461-472.

Contact Information

Building 10, Room 1128

(904) 620-5753