Jose A Franco

Associate Professor

Mathematics & Statistics • College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise


Representation theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras.

Matrix analysis.


Ph.D. Mathematics

Baylor University



M.S. Mathematics

Baylor University




Outstanding Mathematics Graduate Teaching Award, Baylor University (2010-2011)

Academic Excellence Award, Universidad de San Carlos (2002)

Grants and Contracts Awarded

AA Faculty Development Research Grant, UNF, (Summer 2013).

Publications & Presentations










In Progress:


  • The Tricomi Equation and Complementary Series Representations of SL(2;R), joint with Hunziker, M. (in preparation)


  • Matrix Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Interpolation via Power Means, joint with Dumitru, R. and Dinh, T. Hoa (submitted)


  • New Characterizations of Operator Monotone Functions, joint with Dumitru, R. and Dinh, T. Hoa (submitted)


  • On a Counterexample to a Conjecture of Bhatia, Lim, and Yamazaki, joint with Dumitru, R. and Dinh, T. Hoa (submitted)


  • On a q-Analogue of Hilbert's Inequality, joint with Dumitru, R. (accepted for publication)


  • On the Uniform Convexity of the q-Analogues of L^p spaces and the q-Clarkson Inequalities, joint with Dumitru, R and Morales, P. (accepted for publication)

FrancoContact Information

Building 014E, Room 2718

(904) 620-2216