Jose A Franco

Assistant Professor

Mathematics & Statistics • College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise


Representation theory of Lie groups and Lie algebras.


Ph.D. Mathematics

Baylor University



M.S. Mathematics

Baylor University




AA Faculty Development Research Grant, UNF, (Summer 2013).

Outstanding Mathematics Graduate Teaching Award, Baylor University (2010-2011)

Academic Excellence Award, Universidad de San Carlos (2002)

Publications & Presentations

  • Global Actions of the Lie Symmetries of the Nonlinear Filtration Equation., Electronic Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications, Vol. 5(1) Jan. 2017, pp. 208-218.







In Progress:


  • The Tricomi Equation and Complementary Series Representations of SL(2;R), joint with Hunziker, M. (in preparation)


  • Matrix Arithmetic-Geometric Mean Interpolation via Power Means, joint with Dumitru, R. and Dinh, T. Hoa (in preparation)


  • On the monotonicity of weighted power means of matrices, joint with Dumitru, R and Dinh, T. Hoa. (submitted)


  • On a q-Analogue of Hilbert's Inequality, joint with Dumitru, R. (submitted)


  • On the Uniform Convexity of the q-Analogues of L^p spaces and the q-Clarkson Inequalities, joint with Dumitru, R and Morales, P. (accepted for publication)

FrancoContact Information

Building 014E, Room 2718

(904) 620-2216