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R D Swanson

Associate Professor | David Swanson

Marketing & Logistics | Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise

Strategic logistics management, logistics information systems, retail logistics, forecasting and demand management.


PhD: University of Arkansas, Supply Chain Management (2012)


MBA; University of Tennessee, Transportation and Logistics (1990)


BS: David LIpscomb University, Marketing (1987)


Professor Swanson joined the Coggin College of Business in 2012. He teaches several subjects including logistics subsystems, a class which overviews the primary systems needed by logistics, transportation, and supply chain professionals, including ERP, WMS, TMS. SAP software is a key foundation of the class which prepares students much like actual work experience. He also teaches strategic logistics management in the undergraduate and MBA programs.


Professor Swanson’s research explores how information and technology can advance logistics and supply chain management. He has published in the Journal of Business Logistics, the Journal of Retailing, the International Journal of Logistics Management, the Transportation Journal, Benchmarking: an International Journal, Ethics and Behavior, the Supply Chain Quarterly, the World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research, the Supply Chain Management Review, and others.


For twenty years prior to becoming a professor Dr. Swanson worked as a project manager and presales consultant specializing in warehouse management systems, and worked in corporate logistics for Walmart and Pearle Vision.


Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Grants and Contracts Awarded

2017 Florida Blue Ethics Center Fellowship

Publications & Presentations

Swanson, David, Goel, L., Francisco, K., & Stock, J. (Forthcoming). "An Analysis of SCM Research by Topic.” Supply Chain Management: An International Journal (accepted February 2018).


Francisco, Kris and David Swanson (2018). “The Supply Chain Has No Clothes: Technology Adoption of Blockchain for Supply Chain Transparency,” Logistics, 2(1), 2.


Swanson, David, (2017) “To  Predict the Future of Blockchain, Look to the Past,” Supply Chain Quarterly, Q4 2017.


Swanson, David, Dawn Russell, and Magnus Blinge (Forthcoming) “Sustainable logistics and supply chain management: A holistic view through the lens of the wicked problem” (Accepted for publication in World Review of Intermodal Transportation Research July 2017).


Swanson, David, Lakshmi Goel, Kristoffer Francisco, and James R. Stock. (Forthcoming) "Applying Theories from Other Disciplines to Logistics and Supply Chain Management: A Systematic Literature Review" Transportation Journal. 


Swanson, David, Amanda Atwood, and Daniel Calais. (2017) "Global Supply Chain Ecosystems: Strategies for Competitive Advantage in a Complex, Connected World: A Review." Journal of Marketing Channels, 24(1-2), 100-103.


Jin, Yao, David Swanson, Matthew A. Waller, John Ozment (2017) "To Survive and Thrive under Hypercompetition: An Exploratory Analysis of the Influence of Strategic Purity on Truckload Motor Carrier Financial Performance." Transportation Journal 56(1). **Transportation Journal 2nd Place Best Paper Award 2016-2017**


Swanson, David, K. Francisco, and J. Huang. (2016). "Click 'Next' to Print Your Supply Chain," Supply Chain Quarterly, Quarter 4 2016).


Swanson, David, Y. Jin, A. Fawcett, and S. Fawcett, (2016) "Collaborative Process Redesign: A Dynamic Capabilities View on Mitigating the Barriers to Working Together," International Journal of Logistics Management, 28(2).


Swanson, David. (2016) “A Book Review: Supply Chain Metrics that Matter.” Management Learning, October 19, 2016. 


Swanson, David, Jingping Gu, Brent D. Williams and Matthew A. Waller. (2016) Full Steam Ahead: Firms in the U.S. Economy Adjust Inventory for Changes in Transportation Costs but not the Reverse" Transportation Journal, 55(3). **Transportation Journal Best Paper Award 2016-2017**


Swanson, David (2016) "Transportation Price Benchmarking: Implications for Firm Performance." Benchmarking : an International Journal, 23(4).


Swanson, David, (2015), "Fictional Stories with Ethical Content (FSECs): Guidelines for Using Stories to Improve Ethical Behavior" Ethics and Behavior 26(7), 545-561.


Swanson, David and Dawn Russell (2014), “New Perspectives on the Value of Demand Sensing,” The Supply Chain Management Review, May/June (2014), 18-22.


Swanson, David (2013). “Sustaining competitive advantage by adopting logistics and supply chain management software: a research agenda grounded in resource advantage theory”. International Journal of Logistics Economics and Globalisation.


Swanson, R. David, (2013). “Adoption of Demand Sensing Software by Leading Supply Chain Companies: A Resource-Advantage Theoretical Perspective ,” AIMS: International Journal of Management, Vol. 7, Number 2.


Swanson, R. David, and Ronn J. Smith. (2013) "A Path to a Public–Private Partnership: Commercial Logistics Concepts Applied to Disaster Response."Journal of Business Logistics 34.4: 335-346.

Hofer, Christian, Yao Jin, David Swanson, Matthew Waller, Brent Williams (2012). “The Impact of Key Retail Accounts on Supplier Performance: A Resource Dependency Theory Perspective”. Journal of Retailing, 2012.


Contact Information

Building 42, Room 3232

(904) 620-5228