Pingying  Zhang

Associate Professor

Management • Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise

1. Corporate governance

2. Entrepreneurship

3. Business strategy & structure


Ph. D., Corporate Governance (2008)                                                                                                   
Norwegian School of Management BI, Norway
Master of Science, Finance and Economics (2000)                                                                              
Norwegian School of Management BI, Norway
MBA (1998)                                                                                           
University of Central Lancashire, UK
Bachelor of International Trade (1997)                                                            
GuangDong Foreign Studies University, P.R.China


Pingying Zhang is an associate professor of management at the Coggin College of Business, University of North Florida. She received her PhD in Corporate Governance from Norwegian School of Management, Oslo, Norway. She teaches strategy, organization theory and entrepreneurship.  Her research has appeared in various conferences and journals of corporate governance, management and entrepreneurship. Her main research interests cover boards of directors’ tasks design, entrepreneurial behavior, venture capital diversification and various strategic issues in multinational corporations.


Coggin College of Business Exemplary Researcher Award,  2010-2014

Coggin College of Business Exemplary Teacher Award, 2010-2014


Academy of Management

Southern Management Association

International Academy of Business Disciplines

Grants and Contracts Awarded

2013: UNF Summer Research Grant.

2013: TLO Grant to develop a business plan for a zero discharge shrimp processing plant in Jacksonville, FL.

2008-2010: Scholarship KIP Grant from Coggin College of Business, UNF

Publications & Presentations



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Zhang, P., Templeton M. & Gall, A. Exploring the Nature of Diversification Strategy in Venture Capital Firms, Southern Management Association Meeting, Oct 28-30, 2015 St Petersburg, FL.

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ZhangContact Information

Building 42, Room 3242

(904) 620-2249