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Pieter J de Jong


Accounting & Finance | Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise

Corporate Finance, Derivatives, International Finance, Financial Econometrics


Ph.D. in Finance, August 2007, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas
Dissertation: The Change in Financial Analysts’ Forecast Attributes for Value and Growth Stocks

M.B.A., August 2002, University of Texas at Arlington, Arlington, Texas

B.S. in Physical Therapy, August 1990, Hogeschool Rotterdam, the Netherlands


Pieter de Jong is an associate professor in the Department of Accounting and Finance at the University of North Florida’s Coggin College of Business. He earned a MBA and a PhD in Finance from the University of Texas at Arlington. His research interests include international finance, financial econometrics, financial applications and stock market behaviors. His work has been published in journals such as Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, International Journal of Operations and Production Management, Global Finance Journal and various others.


Recipient of UNF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award 2014-2015
Recipient of 2013-2014 Outstanding Finance Teacher Award
Recipient of 2012-2013 Outstanding International Leadership award
Faculty advisor for Finance and Investment Society (FIS) 2013
Recipient of 2011-2012 Outstanding Finance Teacher Award
Faculty Advisor for Alpha Kappa Psi 2011-2013
Recipient of 2010-2011 Outstanding Finance Teacher Award
Nominated for UNF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award 2010-2011
Nominated for UNF Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award 2010-2011
Recipient of 2009-2010 Outstanding Finance Teacher Award
Recipient of 2008-2009 Outstanding Finance Teacher Award
Recipient of UNF TLO award for $15,000 (study abroad to Germany 2011)
Nominated for UNF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award 2009-2010
Recipient of Kip UNF Summer Research grant, 2009 and 2010
Who’s Who in America®, 61st edition, 2007, 62nd edition, 2008, 63rd edition, 2009, 64th edition, 2010 and 65th edition, 2011
The Chancellor’s List®, 1st edition, 2005 and 2nd edition, 2006
Commendation by UTA President J.D. Spaniolo for Most Influential Faculty, Feb. 2005
Recipient of competitive Hermann’s Scholarship (Fall 2002 – 2007)
Beta Gamma Sigma, April 2000 (inducted)

Publications & Presentations

Wearing two hats: CEO Duality, Risk, Innovation, and Firm Performance in the IT Industry (with Lakshmi Goel), Review of Contemporary Business Research, forthcoming

 The influence of security analysts on CEO pay cuts, (with Lakshmi Goel), International Journal of Disclosure and Governance, 13:1 (2016), pp. 26 - 52

 From Returns to Tweets and Back: An Investigation of the Stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average, (with Oliver Schnusenberg and Sherif Elfayoumy), Journal of Behavioral Finance (forthcoming)

 The Financial Impact of ISO 14001 Certification: Top-Line, Bottom-Line, or Both?, (with Antony Paulraj and Constantin Blome), Journal of Business Ethics, 119:1 (2014), pp. 131 - 149

 Predicting Study Abroad Intentions Based on the Theory of Planned Behavior, (with Oliver Schnusenberg and Lakshmi Goel), Decision Sciences Journal of Innovative Education, 10:3 (2012), pp. 337 - 361

 The Impact of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) on the Cost of Equity Capital for S&P Firms, (with Sheryl-Ann Stephen), Journal of Applied Business and Economics, 13:2 (2012), pp. 102 - 115

 Does Advertising Spending Really Work? The Intermediate Role of Analysts in the Impact of
Advertising on Firm Value, (with Xueming Luo), Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, 40:4 (2012), pp. 605 - 624

 The Effect of ISO 14001 Certification on Shareholder Wealth, (with Antony Paulraj), International Journal of Operations & Production Management, 31:7 (2011), pp. 765 - 788

 Marketing Study Abroad Programs Effectively: What Do Students Think? (with Oliver Schnusenberg and Lakshmi Goel), Journal of International Education in Business, 3: 1/2, (2010), pp. 34-52

 Towards a Comprehensive Framework of Study Abroad Intentions and Behaviors, (with Oliver Schnusenberg and Lakshmi Goel), Journal of Teaching in International Business, 21:4, (2010), pp. 248-265

 Are Revenue Forecasts Rational? Evidence Surrounding Reg FD, Applied Economics Letters, 18: 2, (2011), pp. 153-160

 Does Investment Lead to Greater Output? A Panel Error-Correction Model Analysis, (with William J. Crowder), Applied Economics, 43: 7, (2011), pp. 773-785

The Changing Relationship between Earnings Expectations and Earnings for Value and Growth Stocks during Reg FD, (with Vince P. Apilado), Journal of Banking and Finance, 33:2, (2009), pp. 435-442

 The Relationship between Capital Investment and R&D: A Panel Cointegration Analysis, Applied Financial Economics, 17:11, (2007), pp. 871-880

 Market Response to FDA Announcements, (with Salil K. Sarkar), Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance, 46:4, (2006), pp. 586-597

 The Euro Deposit Market in a Global Perspective, (with Peggy E. Swanson), Global Finance Journal, 16:3, (2006), pp. 354-365

 Other Publications/ by Invitation

Does the Market Drive the Animal Spirits? A Cointegration Analysis, Independent Business Review, 4:1, (2011), pp. 1-14

 Market Value, Intangibles, and Security Analysts: a Stochastic Frontier Analysis, (with Sheryl-Ann Stephen), Independent Business Review, 3:1, (2010), pp. 31-49

 Change in Dispersion and Regulation Fair Disclosure, Independent Business Review, 2:2, (2009), pp. 28-42

de Jong
Contact Information

Building 0001, Room 1207

(904) 620-1299