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Mary P Beal

Associate Instructor

Economics | Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise

Applied Microeconomics

Business Statistics

Real Estate & Housing Economics

Labor Economics


Ph.D. Economics Florida State University August 2007

M.S. Economics Florida State University December 2003

B.A. Physics & Economics University of Virginia May 2002


Mary Beal earned her M.S. and Ph.D. in Economics from Florida State University in 2007 following a B.A. in both Economics and Physics from the University of Virginia. She is currently an instructor of Economics at UNF where she has taught Principles of Microeconomics, Principles of Macroeconomics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Special Topics on Real Estate Economics and Economics & Business Statistics at the undergraduate level. Mary has also taught Economic Analysis, Making Decisions With Data, and Economics of Business Decisions at the graduate level. She is an applied microeconomist that uses regression analysis as her primary analytical tool to research a wide variety of issues including labor, real estate, education, and student loan debt.

Publications & Presentations

Beal, M., Borg, M., and Stranahan, H. (2017). The Equity Effects of Property Tax Caps: Evidence from Florida. Academic Journal of Interdisciplinary Studies. 6(2): 141-151.


Wilson, J. H., Keating, B., and Beal, M. (2016). Regression Analysis: Understanding and Building Business and Economic Models Using Excel 2nd Edition. Business Expert Press.


Loh, C-P., Beal, M., and Stranahan, H. (2016). Labor Market Reform and Urban Married Women's Labor Supply in China during 1993-2006: Have Women's Wage Elasticities Changed During China’s Transition to a Free Market Economy? Journal of Chinese Economics. 4(2): 1-20.


Beal, M., Borg, M., and Stranahan, H. (2016). A Re-Examination of Property Tax Burden. Journal of Business & Economic Research (JBER). 14(2): 51-59.


Beal-Hodges, M. and Stranahan, H. (2015). The Impact of Household Computer Ownership on the Educational Attainment of Chinese Adolescents. AIMS International Journal of Management (AIJM). 2015. 9(3): 245-58.


Beal M., Borg, M., and Stranahan, H. (2015).  A Re-Examination of the Property Tax Burden. Journal of Business and Economic Research (JBER). 14(2). 51-60.


Stranahan, H., Borg, M., and Beal-Hodges, M. (2014).Transferring the Cost of Higher Education to Students and Families: Who Bears the Greatest Burden? GSTF Journal of Business Review. 3(3). 84-89.


Slater, R., Beal-Hodges, M. and Reed, A. (2014). Using Excel's Pivot Table Function for Visual Data Analysis of Exam Results: A Supplemental Procedure to Classical Test Theory. Academy of Educational Leadership Journal (AELJ). 18(4), 221-229.


Beal-Hodges, M. (2012). Conservation Land Acquisition Lists & Nearby Property Values: Evidence From The Florida Forever Program. Studies In Agricultural Economics. 114. 16-23.


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Beal-Hodges, M., Loh, C-P., and Stranahan, H. (2011). The Impact of China's 'One-Child' Policy on the Educational Attainment of Adolescents. Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics. 2. 201-221.

Contact Information

Building 42, Room 3403

(904) 620-3712

Office Hours

by appointment