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Lian An


Economics | Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise

International finance, monetary economics, health economics


Ph.D. in Economics,University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, December, 2007

M.S. in Economics, University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, 2003

B.S. in International Trade and Economics, Hubei University, Wuhan, China, 2002


Dr. Lian An graduated from the University of Kentucky with Ph.D in economics. She is currently full professor of economics at Coggin College of Business. Her research area is in international economics with focus on exchange rate with a wide arrange of publications on prestigious economics journals including Review of International Economics and Open Economics Journal. She is actively involved in international education and has been leading students to study abroad in China since year 2013. In the past few years, she was invited as a guest professor to Beijing International Studies University, Southwestern University of Nationality, Dongbei University of Economics and Finance and etc. In the year 2009, she was awarded the “Education Award” by Women of Color of the Jacksonville City. In the year 2014, she was awarded the “Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award” by the University of North Florida. 


Faculty Summer Research Grant 2020, $30,000
"Best Article Award" of Atlantic Economics Journal 2016
Faculty Summer Research Grant, 2012
KIP Fellows Research Grant 2008, 2009
International Faculty Grant 2008
“Mark Berger Best Paper Award” of the Kentucky Economic Association Conference, Kentucky, 2006

Publications & Presentations

[1] “Monetary Policy, Foreign Exchange Intervention and the Exchange Rate in Japan,” (with Sun, Wei), International Research Journal of Economics and Finance, Issue 13, March, 2008
[2] “Asymmetric Shocks and the Choice of Exchange Rate Regimes in East Asia” (with Sun, Wei), International Research Journal of Economics and Finance, Issue 22, March, 2008
[3] “The effectiveness of sterilized foreign exchange intervention: the case of Japan” (with Sun, Wei), International Journal of Economic Issues, Issue 2, 2008
[4] “Sources of Exchange Rate Movements in Japan: Is the Exchange Rate a Shock-absorber or a Source of Shock,” (with Kim, Yoonbai) Review of International Economics, 18(2), 265–276, 2010.
[5] “Dynamics of Floating Exchange Rate: How Important is Capital Flows Relative to Macroeconomic Fundamentals? (with Sun, Wei), Journal of Economics and Finance, Vol. 35, Issue 4, 456-472, 2011
[6] “Exchange Rate Pass-Through: Evidence Based on Vector Autoregression with Sign Restrictions,” (with Jian Wang) Open Economies Review, Volume 23, Issue 2, pp 359-380, April 2012.
[7] “Assessing China's Renminbi Peg to the US Dollar: the Case for Greater RMB Exchange Rate Flexibility” (with Wei Sun), Singapore Economics Review, Volume 57, Issue 01, 2012
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[9] “Peer Effect and School Dropout in Rural China” (with Qiang Li, Wenbin Zang), China Economic Review, vol.27, pp 238-248, 2013
[10] “Is Protectionism Rational Under Financial Crisis?” (with Jie Cai) Asian Economic and Financial Review, vol. 4, Issue 3, pages 278-299, 2014
[11] “Is Devaluation Expansionary or Contractionary: Evidence Based on Vector Autoregression with Sign Restrictions” (with Gil Kim and Xiaomei Ren), Journal of Asian Economics, forthcoming.
[12] “Are the Macroeconomic Effects of Oil Price Shock Symmetric?: A Nonlinear State Space Model based on Bayesian Estimation” (with Xiaomei Ren), Energy Economics, forthcoming
[13] “Intergenerational Health Consequences of the Great Famine on Children in Rural China” (with Qiang Li), forthcoming at Economics and Human Biology.
[14] “Capital flow, Exchange Rate and Output” (with Gil Kim, Yoonbai Kim) under review, forthcoming at Atlantic Economics Journal
[15] “Macroeconomic Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuation: Evidence from Factor Augmented Vector Autoregression” (with Xiaomei Ren, Huimin Li and Jing Xu), forthcoming at Singapore Economic Review
[16] “Floating Exchange Rates and Macroeconomic Independence” (with Yoonbai Kim and Yu You), forthcoming at International Review of Economics and Finance
[17]“School Dropout, Ethnicity and Religion: Evidence from Western Rural China”(with Qiang Li, Jingzhuo Tan, Changde Zheng, Mengke Yang, Chiyuan Gong), The Chinese Economy, vol 50, issue 3, 193-204, 2017. 
[18] “Macroeconomic Effects of Exchange Rate Fluctuation: Evidence from Factor Augmented Vector Autoregression” (with Xiaomei Ren, Huimin Li and Jing Xu), Singapore Economic Review, vol 62(2), 483-508, 2017
[19] “Corruption Cost Lives: Evidence from a Cross-Country Study” (with Qiang Li, Jasper Xu, Mina Baliamoune-Lutz), European Journal of Health Economics, vol (19), 153-165, 2018
[20] “Corruption Takes Away Happiness: Evidence from a Cross-National Study” (with Qiang Li), Journal of Happiness Studies, vol (21):485-504, 2020
[21] “Has China’s Belt and Road Initiative Intensified Bilateral Trade Links between China and the Involved Countries” (with Chunjiao Yu, Ren Zhang and Zhixing Yu) Sustainability, vol (12): 6747, 2020

Contact Information

Building 42, Room 3111

(904) 620-3962