John R Mundy

Adjunct • Educational Leadership - College of Education and Human Services

Economics • Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise

My principal academic area of expertise is in the field of economic education..  For nearly twenty years I have worked at the state, regional and national level in "teaching teachers to teach economics."  As corollary to economic education I also develop and expand financial literacy competency in K-12 populations throughout the USA.  I have written economic education bills that have become law at the state and feral level.  I was the state Director of Economic Education in Nevada.  I was the Director of Economic education at UNLV in Las Vegas and for UNF in Jacksonville. 

As an entrepreneur, I also have expertise in entrepreneur education and development.  I co-founded the Entrepreneur Center at UNLV in 2000.  I also have worked in entrepreneur education at UNF.


Ph.D.: Higher Education Administration-Finance and Economics cognate-UNLV, 2005

MA: Economics - UNLV 2000

MA: Ethics and Public Policy Studies - UNLV- 1999

BS Business Administration - Economics and Finance - UNLV, 1996

BA: Economics - California State University, Long Beach - 1996


John R. Mundy, PhD

Dr. John Mundy is Professor Emeritus of economics and ethics at St Johns River State College in St. Augustine. He retired from SJR State in May 2017.  He is he former Director of the University of North Florida’s Center for Economic Education. He also teaches undergraduate and graduate  classes for the College of Education at UNF. He is an Assistant Professor of ethics and economics for Embty- Riddle Aeronautical University. He works to improve economic, financial, and entrepreneurial literacy outreach in NE Florida. He teaches Economics for Teachers, Macro and Micro Principles, History of Economic Thought, Business and Government Regulation, Business / Professional Ethics, Critical Thinking, and International Trade. From 1996 to 2006 he was the Executive Director of the NV Council on Economic Education and the Director of the Center for Economic and Entrepreneur Education at UNLV. He created and ran a statewide K-12 Entrepreneurship Education Program throughout Nevada. He co-founded the Center for Entrepreneurship at UNLV. From 1998 – 2006, he taught classes at UNLV in the Colleges of Education and Business which included the above courses plus Master’s and Doctoral mentoring and service on thesis / dissertation committees. Simultaneously, for nine years he taught courses in economics, business, marketing, and ethics at Community College of Southern Nevada (CCSN). Dr. Mundy holds a BA in Economics from California State University Long Beach and a BS in Business Administration--Economics and Finance from the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He holds UNLV Master’s degrees in Ethics, Public Policy, and Economics. He has a PhD in the field of Higher Education Administration and Policy (doctoral cognate in economics and finance).


Dr. Mundy has an entrepreneurial history in his business career. He co-founded a unique food industry company in 1977 and ran it until its acquisition in 1986. He then joined McKesson Corp., a Fortune 18 firm in 1986, where he created and / or developed several nationally branded products prior to moving into a senior operations role. His final position with McKesson was as the Regional GM / COO in the Rocky Mountain Division. He serves on the boards of two non-profit organizations and recently completed a term on the Educational Advisory Board of the Atlanta Federal Reserve District. 


Graduate Assistant, Associate Dean, College of Business; UNLV 1998-2000


 Commencement Award—Outstanding Master’s Graduate
 UNLV President, Dr. Carol Harter—May 1999


 UNLV Honors Convocation Prize: Best Master’s Thesis –1999


Nevada System of Higher Education - State of Nevada, Best Masters Prize, 1999.


 Research Fellow, Keizai KOHO Center for Cultural and Economic Affairs
 Tokyo, Japan, Summer 1999


“Innovative Public Policy Prize” – 1999, original policy concepts and recommendations, testimony and appearances: US Senate November 1999.


2003 ASHE annual conference—Graduate Student Seminar presentation on higher education policy—nominated / selected as one of 30 out of 375 PhD nominated dissertation projects on higher education public policy.


Internship in NV System of Higher Education (NSHE): Chancellor’s Office. I worked on legislative affairs, policy issues, and financial budgets for the state’s university and community college system. 2004-05.


Board Member Atlanta Federal Reserve District, Education Advisory Board-2008-20012


Board Member Duval County School District, Magnet School Planning Board, US Dept. of Education, $11.8 million grant.


 Volunteer Counselor: Donation ethics consultant for Southern Nevada Organ Procurement Organization (OPO); Member – two organ transplant support groups


 Adjunct Instructor: UNLV, UNR, and Community College of Southern Nevada – Micro- and Macroeconomics Principles, Marketing, Merchandising, Economics for Teachers, Public Policy, and Professional and Business Ethics

Board Member.: Southern Nevada Workforce Investment Board, 2003-2004. Guidance on polices influencing improvements in providing jobs in the Southern NV business environment.


 Board Member: Nevada Council on Economic Education – Statewide non-profit foundation dedicated to supporting and developing public school proficiency standards in economics.1998-Present.


 Board Member and Mentor: Southern Nevada Academy of Finance – A partnership between the financial services industry, Clark County School District (the seventh largest and fastest growing district in the US) and UNLV. Policy-making board for Nevada affiliate of National Academy of Finance which supports competitive magnet-school scholarship appointments to grade 9-12 students interested in careers in the financial services industry. 1998-Present.


 Chairman: Orange County, CA Community Services Commission—1982-1985


 Venue Manager: Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Committee, 1984 Olympics – Men’s and Women’s Field Hockey at East Los Angeles City College. COO for all activities involving teams, food services, housing, security, practice fields, stadium management (18,000 capacity), concessions, and competition.

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Nevada Secretary of State, Economic Education Outcomes from “Test of Economic Literacy” 2006, $15,000; 2005, $ 15,000; 2004, $20,000.


Nevada Dept. of Education, Economic and Financial Literacy Education, August 2005, $ 115,000.00


UNLV Applied Research Initiative (ARI) grant, Teaching Entrepreneurship in Nevada’s K-12 Schools,” 2004-2005, $133,000.


Nevada Dept. of Education. Entrepreneurship Education, August 2004, $15,000.00.


US Dept. of Education, Excellence in Economic Education grant for teacher training. October 2004 $ 30,000.00.


Wells Fargo Bank, US Bank, Household Bank: “Research, development, and implementation of a K-12 entrepreneurship education course in Nevada” $65,000.00. (2004)


Title V US Dept of Education: Innovations and Improvements in Economic Education” $ 46,000.00, (2003).


Applied Research Initiative-UNLV “Evaluation of state High School Entrepreneurship Programs” and “Tuition Elasticity and Persistence Issues Facing Undergraduate Students.” $ 33,000.00, (2003).

Publications & Presentations

Mundy, J., 1982, “Economic Feasibility Analysis: Deer Park Resort,” Economic Development Commission, State of Utah.


Mundy, J. 2000, “Stock market simulation games as an educational supplement,” March, 2000, Federal Reserve Newsletter “Economics America,” San Francisco Federal Reserve and Indiana University Press Japan – US Clearinghouse, Bloomington, IN.


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Mundy, J. et al, 2001 ESEA HR 1 “No Child left Behind” Title V Part D Subpart 13 Excellence in Economic Education


Mundy, J. 2002, Nevada “SB-210,” Companion state matching legislation to ESEA No Child Left Behind.


Mundy, J. and Runge, J. 2009 “Teaching entrepreneurship in Nevada’s K-12 Schools,” Feasibility Report for the State Superintendant


Legislative Testimony Presentations:


Mundy , J., Original testimony- Excellence in Economic Education, ESEA HR 1, No Child Left Behind, Title V, Part D, Subpart 13, UNITED STATES HOUSE, OF REPRESENTATIVES, COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION, March 19, 2001


Mundy, J., (2003), Excellence in Economic Education testimony, MISSOURI HOUSE COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION, January 11, 2003


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Mundy, J., (2004), Excellence in Economic Education testimony, CALIFONIA ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE ON EDUCATION, February 9, 2004.


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Works In Progress:
Mundy, J. and Ackerman, R., Tuition Price Elasticity: “A Case Study of Pricing Effects on College Enrollments and Alternative Theories for Student Demand”

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