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Michael W Lufaso

Associate Professor

Chemistry | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Solid State Chemistry

X-ray powder diffraction

Rietveld refinement

Phase Transitions

Crystal Chemistry


Dielectric, Ferroelectric

Phase Equilibria

Ceramics, Oxides


Photocatalytic Properties

Multiferroics and Magnetic Dielectrics


BS Chemistry (1998), Youngstown State University
Ph.D. Inorganic Chemistry (2002), Ohio State University
National Research Council Postdoc.(2003-4) National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)
Postdoctoral Fellow (2005-6), Dept. of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Univ. of South Carolina


I obtained a BS in Chemistry from Youngstown State University in 1998. I completed a Ph.D. from the Ohio State University in 2002. My research advisor was Professor Patrick Woodward and my research at that time focused on the development of a software program (SPuDS) to calculate the crystal structures of perovskites. Following graduate school I spent two years as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in Gaithersburg MD, where I worked with Dr. Terrell Vanderah. I then held a postdoctoral position with Professor Hanno zur Loye at the University of South Carolina, before starting at the University of North Florida in Fall 2006.


At the University of North Florida I have taught a variety of courses:  General Chemistry I, General Chemistry I Laboratory, General Chemistry II, General Chemistry II Laboratory, Honors General Chemistry II, Inorganic Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory, Advanced Inorganic Chemistry, Solid State Chemistry, Senior Seminar in Chemistry, and Chemical Research.

I served as chair and councilor of the Jacksonville section of the American Chemical Society ( I have served as a grant proposal reviewer for the following organizations: American Chemical Society Petroleum Research Fund, Research Corporation for Science Advancement, Department of Energy and as a beamtime proposal for the Spallation Neutron Source (SNS) and High Flux Isotope Reactor (HFIR), Neutron Scattering Science Division, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL).  I serve as a peer reviewer for 30 academic journals and have reviewed 172 manuscripts.

My research group is interested in the synthesis and characterization of new solid-state inorganic materials and in fundamental structure/property relationships of solid state oxides, including technically important electronic, energy, and sensors applications. More details can be found on this webpage.


UNF Munoz Professorship, 2011-2013
Pearson Mastering Faculty Advisor, 2011-2018

Chair -  Powder Diffraction Special Interest Group American Crystallographic Association, 2013

Leadership Development Award, American Chemical Society, YCC, 2011
National Research Council (NRC) Postdoctoral Fellowship – 2003-4


American Chemical Society

American Crystallographic Association

American Nano Society

IUCr World Directory of Crystallographers

Grants and Contracts Awarded

“Structure-Composition-Property Relationships in Complex Bi-Ni-Mn Oxide Phases” PI. Funded through Research Corporation – Cottrell College Science Award 7177. CCSA Brian Andreen Supplement


“Sensor Arrays for Multiple Applications” (SAMA) Funded via the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, Department of the Army, Co-PI with PI J.S. Huebner and Co-PI’s D.F. Bowers, C.H. Choi, D.J. Cox, N.G. Patel.

“Rapid Response Sensor Networking for Multiple Applications, Phase III” (RRSNMA3) Funded through the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, Department of Defense. Co-PI with PI J.S. Huebner and Co-PI’s S. J. Chalk, D.F. Bowers, N.G. Patel.

Publications & Presentations

Publication List


Recent Presentations:

2018 Florida Annual Meeting and Exposition, Talk - Tampa, FL

2017 North American Solid State Chemistry Conference, Santa Barbara, CA 

Contact Information

Building 50, Room 2716

(904) 620-2226


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