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Nancy E Soderberg

Faculty Administrator

Political Science & Public Administration | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Ambassador Nancy Soderberg is an American foreign policy strategist who held several senior level positions in the Clinton administration, including Deputy National Security Advisor and Alternate Representative to the United Nations, with the rank of Ambassador.  She resides in Jacksonville, Florida, where she is a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the University of North Florida, Director of UNF's Public Service Leadership Program, and President and CEO of Soderberg Global Solutions, an international consulting firm.


M.S. 1984 School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University, Washington, DC.
Concentration: Development Economics.

B.A. 1980 Vanderbilt University, Nashville, TN. June 1980. Concentration:
French, minor economics. Junior Year spent at the Sorbonne in Paris, France.



With over twenty five years of experience in foreign policy, Ms. Soderberg has served in the White House, at the United Nations, in the United States Senate, and on four presidential campaigns. She is President and CEO of Soderberg Global Solutions, an international consulting firm. She is also a Distinguished Visiting Scholar at the University of N. Florida in Jacksonville, FL. In 2011, President Barack Obama appointed Ambassador Soderberg as Chair of the Public Interest Declassification Board, an advisory committee established by Congress to promote pubic access to U.S. national security decisions. Jacksonville Mayor Alvin Brown appointed her to the Board of the Jacksonville Port Authority in 2013.

From July 2009 - January 2013, Ms. Soderberg served as President of Connect U.S. Fund, a Washington, D.C. based foundation that promotes responsible global engagement. From 2001-2005, Ms. Soderberg ran the New York office of the International Crisis Group as Vice President. In 1997, President Bill Clinton appointed Ms. Soderberg to serve as Alternate Representative to the United Nations as a Presidential Appointee, with the rank of Ambassador. From 1993-97, Ms. Soderberg served as the third ranking official of the National Security Council at the White House, as Deputy Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. Prior to serving at the White House, Ms. Soderberg served as the Foreign Policy Director for the Clinton/Gore 1992 Campaign and worked as the Senior Foreign Policy Advisor to Senator Edward M. Kennedy.

Ms. Soderberg publishes and speaks regularly on national security policy. She is the author of two books on U.S. foreign policy: The Prosperity Agenda What the World Wants from America--and What We Need in Return, written with Brian Katulis, and The Superpower Myth: The Use and Misuse of American Might. She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations. She also served as President of the Sister Cities Program of the City of New York from 2002-2006. She earned a Masters of Science Degree from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and a Bachelor of Arts Degree from Vanderbilt University.  


2011- Chair, Public Interest Declassification Board. Appointed by President Barack Obama.

2013- Member, Board of Directors, Jacksonville Port Authority. Appointed by Mayor Alvin Brown.

2013- Member, Board of Directors of the Florida Democratic Party, Chair of the Northeast Florida Democratic Leadership Council.

2008 - Elected Precinct Committeewoman, Duval County Democratic Executive Committee, Jacksonville, Florida.

2002-2006 President of the Sister Cities Program of the City of New York. Appointed by Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Volunteer service. 


Council on Foreign Relations, New York, New York, member
Concern Worldwide, New York, New York, member of board
National Committee on American Foreign Policy, New York, New York, Advisory Board
Tannenbaum Center, New York, New York, Advisory Board

Publications & Presentations

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Contact Information

Building 51, Room 2114

(904) 620-3926