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Paul D Eason

Professor-Assoc Dean

MSERF | College of Computing, Engineering & Construction

Areas of Expertise

Ongoing funded research efforts with Army research Laboratory, Penn State and Colorado School of Mines in the characterization of cold gas dynamically sprayed bulk metals. Research in cast aluminum structure-processing-property relationships ongoing with Alotech, Inc.

General Research Interests:
Powder processed intermetallic matrix composites
Liquid phase assisted sintering
Spark Plasma Sintering
Novel Casting Techniques (Ablation Casting)
Materials characterization – high resolution SEM and TEM


University of Florida Materials Science and Engineering Bachelor of Science – 1995
University of Florida Materials Science and Engineering Doctor of Philosophy - 1998


A native of Jacksonville, Florida, Paul Eason completed his undergraduate and graduate studies in Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Florida. As an undergrad, Paul specialized in two fields of study; metallurgy, and ceramics engineering. Taking this hybridized knowledge base, Paul was able to apply traditional ceramic powder processing techniques to in-situ processing of intermetallic matrix composites for potential use as high-temperature structural aerospace materials. These complex alloy systems, both multiphase and reacting in nature, required establishment of new ternary and quaternary phase diagrams and employment of innovative materials characterization techniques, all of which provided the basis of Paul’s dissertation.

Following graduate school, Dr. Eason pursued a career in engineering consulting, while always remaining attached to the academic community. Providing services in materials characterization for industrial process optimization and failure analysis in both industrial and litigation based matters, Paul remained an active user of the electron microscopy facilities of the Major Analytical Instrumentation Center at the University of Florida. While maintaining his consulting practice, Paul began teaching materials engineering courses as an adjunct professor at the University of North Florida, and now serves as a tenure-track assistant professor in the Mechanical Engineering program. Concurrently, Paul was appointed to the Graduate Faculty of the Materials Science and Engineering Department at the University of Florida, where he also serves on the Distinguished Alumni Advisory Board.


Professional Engineer, State of Florida FBPE #0000060836

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Materials Testing Support for the James Webb Space Telescope – PI Paul Eason. This funding was a sub award from NASA through Northrop Grumman Corporation in the mount of $8,096.00. Mechanical testing and reporting was performed on a variety of materials flight test specimens. Project ran from 2/1/09 – 3/1/11


Goodrich Metallosilicate Analysis – PI Paul Eason, Funded by Goodrich Corporation for an amount of $6,970.00. Excised composite samples were characterized by electron microscopy. Project ran from 3/5/2009-6/6/2009

Cold Gas Dynamically Sprayed Copper and Aluminum - PI Paul Eason, materials donated by Penn State and ARL for cold spray research, sample fabrication amounts to $15,000 in raw materials and processing costs Project is part of an ongoing investigation into the structure property processing relationships in cold sprayed metals. Project ongoing since 9/1/11


Investigation of Interparticle Bonding in Cold Gas Dynamically Sprayed Copper Through High Resolution Scanning Electron Microscopy, PI - Paul Eason - funded by a special internal grant from the Dean of CCEC in the amount of $4000. Sample materials were donated by Penn State, the value of which exceeds $5000 in materials and production costs. Project ongoing since 10/’11


Goodrich Carbon Fiber Reinforced Composite Investigation - PI Paul Eason, funded by Goodrich Corporation – approximately $4000/month. Electron microscopy investigation into porosity in carbon fiber reinforced composites. Project is ongoing, since 5/’12


Production of Coarsening Resistant Nanostructures via Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Processing -PI Paul Eason, Submitted to ARL under solicitation BAA W911NF-12-R-0011. Funding awarded to UNF in the amount of $60,000. Total project award with other research partners Penn State and ARL is $180,000. This two-year project will explore the nanoscale microstructures achieved through cold gas dynamic spray processing. Expected start date 10/’12

Publications & Presentations

P.D. Eason, T.J. Eden, S.C. Kennett and M.J. Kaufman “A Structure Property Processing Comparison of Cold rolled PM Copper and Cold Gas Dynamically Sprayed Copper,” Journal of Powder Metallurgy and Mining, Vol. 1, Issue 1 (2012)

P.D. Eason, S.C. Kennett, T.J. Eden, I. Krull, B. Kowalski, and J.L. Jones, “In Situ Observation of Microstrain Relief in Cold-Sprayed Bulk Copper During Thermal Annealing,” Scripta Materialia, (Accepted for publication 7/19/2012, in press)

M. Tiryakioǧlu, P.D. Eason, J. Campbell “Fatigue life of ablation cast 6061-T6 components,” Materials Science and Engineering A (accepted for publication 8/23/2012, in press)

P.D. Eason, J.A. Fewkes, S.C. Kennett, T.J. Eden, K. Tello, M.J. Kaufman, M. Tiryakioğlu
“On the characterization of Bulk Copper Produced by Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Processing in the As-Fabricated and Annealed Conditions,” Materials Science and Engineering A, 528 (2011), pp. 8174-8178


P.D. Eason, J.A. Fewkes, S.C. Kennett, T.J. Eden, K. Tello and M.J. Kaufman, “Structure-Processing-Property Relationships in Bulk Copper Produced by Cold Gas Dynamic Spray Processing,” MPIF PowderMet Proceedings 2010, June 26, 2010


P.D. Eason, M.J. Kaufman, “Impurity Effects on the Environmental Stability of Powder Processed Intermetallic Alumino-Silicide Compounds,” Journal of the Materials Research Society, Vol. 20, No.10, October 2005

Contact Information

Building 0004, Room 1403

(904) 620-1875