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Chung-Ping A Loh


Economics | Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise

Health Economics
Applied Microeconomics
Applied Econometrics


Ph.D, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill


Chung-Ping (Albert) Loh is the chairperson and Professor in Economics in the Coggin College of Business, and the Director of Local Economic Indicators Project (LEIP) at UNF. He holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He has taught Health Economics and Policy, Econometrics, Business and Economics Statistics, Managerial Economics, Intermediate Microeconomics, Principles of Microeconomics, Economics of Business Decision, and Making Decision with Data. His research interests include the economic modeling of health behavior, health care utilization, and health outcome, cost and benefit analysis, program evaluation, health tourism, and other applied microeconomics topics. He is an active faculty member in the International Business Program and has led numerous Study Abroad trips over the years. 


Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, UNF, 2015

Exemplary Researcher, Coggin College of Business, UNF, 2006-2014

Exemplary Teacher, Coggin College of Business, UNF, 2005-2014

Best Poster Awards, The 7th World Congress on Health Economics (International Health Economics Association), Beijing, China. July, 2009.

International Faculty Travel Grants, International Center, UNF, 2010

Transformational Learning Opportunities Grant, UNF, 2009

International Faculty Travel Grants, International Center, UNF, 2007

Transformational Learning Opportunities Grant, UNF, 2007

International Faculty Travel Grants, International Center, UNF, 2005


Faculty Fellow, Office of Faculty Enhancement, University of North Florida, 2011-2012.

Grants and Contracts Awarded

“Economic Valuation of Wetlands, River-related Properties and Water Sources for the St. Johns River”, with Dingbo Wang (UCF), Stephen Medeiros (UCF), Peter Bacopoulos (UNF), and Chris Brown (UNF). Funding source: Office of Senator John Thrasher, 2014.


Summer Proposal Development Grant (“Climatic Change in the U.S. and its Association with Physical Activity and Obesity”, with James Churilla and Chris Baynard), 2014.


“Estimates of Medicaid and General Revenue Cost-Avoidance from HCBS Utilization”, with Adam Shapiro. Funding source: Florida Department of Elderly Affairs, 2009


“Establishing Algorithms for the Cost-Benefit Analysis of In-Home Service for Elderly in Florida”, with Adam Shapiro. Funding source: Florida Department of Elderly Affairs, 2006

Publications & Presentations

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles:

Chatterjee, C. and C-P. Loh (2019) “Proposed reform of the H-1B program under Trump administration and the adverse selection in Green Card applications,” Applied Economics Letters. (Accepted)

Loh, C-P. and R. Triplett (2019) "International Accreditation, Linguistic Proximity, and Trade in Medical Services," Social Science and Medicine. 238.


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Hamadi, H., E. Apatu, C-P. Loh, H. Farah, K. Walker, A. Spaulding (2019) “Does Level of Minority Presence and Hospital Reimbursement Policy Influence Hospital Referral Region Health Rankings in The United States?” International Journal of Health Planning and Management, 34(1): 354-68 doi: 10.1002/hpm.2654. Epub 2018 Sep 12.


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Book and Book Chapter:


Loh, C-P. (2007), “Arrow-Debreu Model”, in W. A. Darity Jr. (ed.), International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, MacMillan Reference Library.


China as an Emerging Superpower: Challenges for China and the United States, Proceeding of the 2nd Biennial UNF/BISU Research Conference, 2006. Jeffery E. Michelman and Chung-Ping A. Loh (ed.)

Contact Information

Building 42, Room 3018

(904) 620-1227