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Alexandra Schonning


Mechanical Engineering | College of Computing, Engineering & Construction

Areas of Expertise

Mechanical systems analysis with an emphasis in computer-aided engineering including computer-aided design, finite element modeling and analysis, and optimization; and a special interest in modeling and analysis of biomechanical systems.



Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Systems
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, 12/01
Masters of Science. Mechanical Engineering, Mechanical Systems
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 5/99
Bachelors of Science, Mechanical Engineering
University of Central Florida, Orlando, FL 8/97


Dr. Schönning is a mechanical engineering professor in the School of Engineering at the University of North Florida. Her area of research is in mechanical systems analysis with a focus in biomechanical applications. She teaches courses in mechanical systems design and analysis including finite element modeling and analysis, machine design, strength of materials, CAD, integrated design and manufacture, and dynamics. She also serves as the Mechanical Engineering Program Coordinator.


• "Engineer of the Month”, September 2011 by the First Coast Professional Section of the Society of Women Engineers.
• North East Florida Professor of the Year 2009. Awarded by the Florida Engineering Society, February 2009
• Recipient of UNF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award 2005–2006. Awarded by the University of North Florida.
• Recipient of College of Computing, Engineering & Construction Professor of the Year in Mechanical Engineering Award. Awarded on behalf of the 2006 graduating class.


• The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
• Society of Women Engineers (SWE)


Grants and Contracts Awarded

Select Grants and Contracts:

Chuck Zhang (FSU-PI), Alexandra Schonning (UNF-PI), Bahram Arjmandi “ Highly-Individualized, High-Performance Prostheses with Multifunctional Materials”, State of Florida, $275,000 (total) $125,000 (UNF portion) , 1/11-6/12.

Daniel Cox, Alexandra Schonning, Neal Coulter, “Florida’s First Coast Manufacturing Partnership, National Science Foundation,” $600,000, 10/01/04 – 9/30/09, with an extension through 6/30/11.

Alexandra Schonning, “Underwater Impact Determination and Assessment of Acoustic Windows,” Goodrich Corporation, $6,773, 8/1/07 – 7/31/08.

Alexandra Schonning, “Fixture for Pullout Testing of Screws,” Biomet Microfixation, $5,498, 3/17/07 – 9/30/07.

Alexandra Schonning, “Adjustable Tap Stop Design,” Walter Lorenz Surgical, $5,409, 8/31/05 – 1/31/06.

Alexandra Schonning, “Computer Modeling and Finite Element Modeling and Analysis of a Pool Cue,” Predator Products, $5,409, 5/2/05 – 12/31/05.

Publications & Presentations

Select Publications:

Students and alumni are denoted by “*”

1. Ryan Richardson*, Matthew Richardson*, Bernadette Quijano*, Emanuel Wong*, Alexandra Schönning, “Development of CAD and FE Models of a Transfemoral Limb Prosthetic Interface”, Journal of Management and Engineering Integration, Volume 5, Issue 1, 2012.
*UNF Student/Alumni

2. Thoai Nguyen*, Alexandra Schonning, Paul Eason, David Nicholson, “Methods for Analyzing Nose Gear During Landing Using Structural Finite Element Analysis”, Journal of Aircraft, Vol. 49, Number 1, 2012, p 275-280, 2012, ISSN:0021-8669
*UNF Student/Alumni

3. Jesse Parkhurst*, Thoai Nguyen*, Michael Fergusson*, Alexandra Schonning, ”Impact Determination and Assessment of Acoustic Windows”, Experimental Techniques, Volume 36, No 6, p48-57, EXT-T-0489, November/December 2012.
*UNF Student/Alumni

4. Alexandra Schonning, Carmen Masnita Iusan, Anthony Barletta*, Mark Rawls*, Peter Wludyka, Michael Patney, Ryan Cotton, “Effect of vacuum mixer brand on tensile properties of acrylic bone cement”,  Int. J. Experimental and Computational Biomechanics Vol. 1, Issue 4, 2011, p 381-396. ISSN: 1755-8735, DOI: 10.1504/IJECB.2011.039948.
*UNF Student/Alumni

5. Alexandra Schonning, Binu Oommen, Irina Ionescu, Ted Conway, “Hexahedral Mesh Development of Free-Formed Geometry: The Human Femur Exemplified,” Journal of Computer-Aided Design, August 2009, Vol 41, ISSN 0010-4485.

6. Anthony Barletta*, Alexandra Schonning, John Cotton, Marshal Armitage, Peter Wludyka, Michael Patney, “Testing and Comparison of the Mechanical Properties of Commercial Bone Cements,” Experimental Techniques, Nov/Dec 2008, Vol 32 (6). 

7. Alexandra Schönning, Jamal Nayfeh, Richard Zarda, "An integrated design and optimization environment for industrial large scaled systems,” Research in Engineering Design, V16, N1-2, pp. 86–95, November 2005, ISSN: 0934-9839.

8. Alexandra Schonning, Jamal Nayfeh, Richard Zarda, "Utilization of a Dependency-Tracking Language to Reduce Computational Time During Multidisciplinary Design Optimization,” Advances in Engineering Software, Vol. 34/2 pp. 115–122, February 2003.

9. Alexandra Schonning, Jamal Nayfeh, Richard Zarda, "Using Response Surface Approximations to Cover Holes in the Design Space: Conceptual Design of a Missile,” Journal of Computing & Information Science in Engineering, V2, N3, pp. 224 – 231, September 2002.

10. Alexandra Ahlqvist, Irina Ionescu, Faissal A. Moslehy, "Optimization of Gear Tooth Stresses Using Internal Relief Holes,” Experimental Techniques, October 2001.

Contact Information

Building 0004, Room 2206

(904) 620-2357