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Berrin A Beasley

Associate Professor

Communication | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Media Ethics

Social Media Ethics

Portrayal of Women in the Media

American Media History

Online education


Ph.D. Communication, University of Southern Mississippi

M.A. Communication, University of West Florida


Dr. Berrin A. Beasley is an Associate Professor in the Department of Communication, University of North Florida, where she teaches multimedia journalism. A former award-winning reporter and editor, she covered police news along with both city and county government. Her current research interests include the media's portrayal of women, American media history, and media ethics. Her research has been published in the nationally and internationally recognized journals Mass Communication and Society, Newspaper Research Journal, Journal of Radio Studies, the Association of Schools in Journalism and Mass Communication’s Journal Insights, the Southwestern Mass Communication Journal and the Florida Communication Journal. Dr. Beasley has authored several book chapters on American media history and media ethics, and co-edited the book Social Media and the Value of Truth. She’s currently writing a book on the ways in which social media affect a well-lived life. She's been named an Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher of the year at UNF and is a nationally certified Master Online Teacher through the Illinois Online Network, a part of the University of Illinois.


American Journalism Historians Association, board member, 2012-present


American Journalism, editorial board member


Sex Roles, manuscript reviewer


Publications & Presentations



Social Media and Living Well, edited by Berrin A. Beasley and Mitchell R. Haney, Lexington Books: 2015.

Social Media and the Value of Truth, edited by Berrin A. Beasley and Mitchell R. Haney, Lexington Books: 2013.

Book Chapters
“Navigating the Web of Morality: The Ethical Use of Social Media.” The Social Media Industries, edited by Alan Albaran, Taylor & Francis: 2013.

“Origins of Mass Communication,” in The Media in America: A History, edited by David Sloan, Vision Press: 2014 and 2011.

“Weight Watching: The Ethics of Commoditizing Appearance for Profit,” in The Ethics of Entertainment Media, edited by Howard Good and Sandra L. Borden,
Scarecrow: 2009

“Political Manipulation of the Media: Wag the Dog,” in Journalism Ethics Goes to the Movies, edited by Howard Wood, Rowan & Littlefield: 2007.

Book Essays
“Sob Sisters: Female Reporters Get Tagged for Sappy Copy,” in The Media in America: A History, edited by David Sloan, Vision Press, 2008.


Journal Publications
“‘We Want Convenience, Not Credibility’: Trends in College Students’ Use of Primary and Secondary News Outlets,” Southwestern Mass Communication Journal, Beasley, Luce and Standley, Fall 2006.

“Too Much Celebrity and Opinion, Not Enough Actual News: College Students’ Perceptions of News Values,” Florida Communication Journal, Beasley and Davis, Spring 2006.

"Shirts vs. Skins: Clothing as an Indicator of Gender Role Stereotyping in Video Games," Mass Communication & Society, Beasley and Standley, Vol. 5, No. 3, 2002.

"Color Me Pink or Blue: Gender Stereotyping, Consumerism and Safety/Privacy Concerns on a Gender-Neutral Children's Website," Southwestern Mass Communication Journal, Beasley and Standley, Vol. 17, No. 2, 2002.

"Teaching Ethics in News Journalism: Do As I Say AND As I Do," ASJMC Insights, Fall 2001.

“Hier Ist 1212: Operation Annie, Psychological Warfare and the Capture of the Rhineland,” Journal of Radio Studies, Vol. 8, No. 1, Summer 2001.

"Narrative Writing vs. Inverted Pyramid: A Study of Journalists' Awareness, Attitude and Behavior." Newspaper Research Journal, Vol. 19, No. 1, Winter 1998.

Encyclopedia Entry
“History of Journalism to 1850,” 4,000-word entry for Encyclopedia of Journalism, edited by Christopher Sterling, Sage Publications, 2009 anticipated publication date.

Book Reviews
"Everyman News: The Changing American Front Page," Michele Weldon. Journalism Studies, Issue 10, Volume 4, October 2009.

"The Global Dynamics of News: Studies in International News Coverage and News Agenda," edited by Abbas Malek and Anandam Kavoori, for Southern Communication Journal, Spring 2000.

Creative Works Published/Exhibited
Magazine Article

“Newspaper Brief: Watching the Paper Trail,” in 904: Northeast Florida’s Business & Executive Life Authority, (magazine) January 2008.

“Of the Beholder,” juried documentary presentation at the Southern States Communication Association’s April 2006 convention in Dallas, Texas.


Contact Information

(904) 620-2650