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Cheryl A Van Deusen

Professor | Strategic & International Management

Management | Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise

Organizational change, organizational learning and culture, business strategy and international management.  Human Resource management along with compensation are also areas of assistance.  


1997 Ph.D. - University of South Carolina, Strategic Management (Minor: International Business)

1989 MBA - Appalachian State University. Emphasis in Human Resources

1988 - Eurocentres Language School, Madrid, Spain - Certificate 

1979 BS - Virginia Polytechnic Institute & State University. Animal Science/Biology


Cheryl Van Deusen is a professor of strategic and international management at the COGGIN College of Business, University of North Florida. She earned her Ph.D. in strategic management and international business from the University of South Carolina, a MBA from Appalachian State University with an emphasis in Human Resources and her B.S. from Virginia Tech. Her primary teaching areas include business strategy and international management but she also teaches human resource management classes such as employee benefits planning, compensation, and international HR. Current research streams include cross-cultural management issues, national and organizational culture and organizational learning. Cheryl joined the COGGIN College of Business in 1998.

Prior to earning a Ph.D., she worked in the hospitality industry for almost ten years working her way up to become a resort General Manager. She was the corporate quality assurance director for a publicly traded company operating resorts in 11 states and the U.S. Virgin Islands. With over 4,000 employees, she was responsible for implementing a corporate wide quality assurance and training program, developing job descriptions, specifications and performance appraisal systems. The ultimate deliverable was to develop an affordable, competitive compensation system.

Most of Cheryl’s consulting activities have been with senior level managers implementing organizational change. To date, she has consulted both domestically and internationally in seven countries, primarily in the South Pacific region. A group of academicians established a non-profit foundation where they work with the CEOs and COOs of major organizations trying to improve their overall effectiveness to encompass organizational change efforts in governmental and private organizations. Firms facing downsizing, privatization, out sourcing and small business start-ups in both union and non-unionized environments are typical examples. 


Academy of International Business, Southeast USA – Fellow 2014

UNF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award – Coggin College Finalist 2011-2012, 2014-2015
Beta Gamma Sigma Outstanding Service Award - 2012
UNF Coggin College E-Learning Course Development, Course Release, Spring 2009
UNF Research Release Award – Spring, 2007
UNF Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award Coggin College Finalist 2006-2007
Recipient of UNF Out-of-Cycle Faculty Merit Award 2002, 2000
Recipient of CCB Research Excellence Awards 2001, 1999



Academy of International Business, USA Southeast; Academy of Management; Society for Human Resource Management;

Grants and Contracts Awarded

National Paper Trade Alliance – PAPER Foundation Funded Research 2015-2016
Target Educational Grants – Student Case Studies - 2012-2016
National Paper Trade Alliance – PAPER FOUNDATION Funded Research 2009 – 2011
National Paper Trade Alliance – Funded Research – 2005-2006
UNF Sponsored Research Grant – Rayonier University – 2004
UNF Sponsored Research Grant – Landstar Systems, Inc. 2003-2005 – Compensation Study
UNF Sponsored Research Grant – The Haskell Company –2003 – Employee Attitude Survey
US Department of Education Grant. MERCOSUR and Northeast Florida: A Proposal to Enhance the
Academic and Business Communities’ Understanding of Latin America. $171,000 Grant with Project Co-Directors Tom Leonard, Jeff Steagall, and Steve Paulson. 2001-2003
Recipient of UNF Summer Scholarship Grant Award 2002 (declined in order teach two courses)
Recipient of UNF Undergraduate Research Grant 2001
Recipient of UNF Summer Scholarship Grant Award 2001 (declined in order teach two courses)
Recipient of a CCB Competitive KIP grant, Summer, 1999
Recipient of faculty mini-grants 2001, 2000, 1999
Recipient – Competitive Faculty Development Fund, HPU 1997
Recipient - 1995 Vice President’s Competitive Fund for Development Award, ERAU
St John, U.S. Virgin Islands - Private Industry Council Funding for a hospitality-training project
with over 90% successful long term placement
American Society of Travel Agents Scholarship Recipient for work on Artificial Intelligence in the
Hospitality Industry

Publications & Presentations

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Over 70 academic and industry presentations

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