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Cynthia A Battie


Public Health | Brooks College of Health

Areas of Expertise


Cardiovascular Health Risk Factors / Metabolic Syndrome in Asian American Women (with Dr. Irma Ancheta


B.S., Biological Sciences - 1972

University of California, Irvine 


Ph.D., Anatomy School of Medicine,- 1977

University of California, Los Angeles 



MPH Program -2011-2013
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Norfolk, VA Visiting Professor

Dept. of Molecular Biology & Chemistry
Christopher Newport University
Newport News, VA

Dept of Biology - 2010- 2011
College of William and Mary
Williamsburg, VA Visiting Professor


Dept. of Public Health 1997-2003
University of North Florida,
Jacksonville, FL Professor,
Associate Professor (Tenured) 2003


School of Medicine, School of Biological Sciences - 1990-1997

University of Missouri-Kansas City
Kansas City, MO Assistant Professor
Associate Professor (Tenured) 1984-1990

Dept. of Biology, 1980-1984
Northern Illinois University,
DeKalb, IL Assistant Professor


Neurology Service, 1979-1980
VA Medical Center
Kansas City, MO Research Associate


Dept. of Biochemistry, 1977-1979
Mt. Sinai School of Medicine,
New York City, NY USPHS Postdoctoral Fellow



Director of Medical and Dental Anatomy Curriculum (UMKC, 1995-1997)
Director, Master of Public Health Program (UNF, 2003- 2004)
Director, Undergraduate Community Health Program (UNF, 2003-2004)



Masters in Public Health (Public Health Biology)
Undergraduate (Epidemiology, Anatomy and Physiology, Human Biology)
Graduate (Cell Biology, Neurosciences)
Physical Therapy and Medical/Dental School (Gross Anatomy, Histology, Cell Biology, Neurosciences)


President's Undergraduate Research Award, University of California-Irvine 1971
USPHS Doctoral Traineeship, UCLA School of Medicine 1972-1977
USPHS Postdoctoral Fellowship, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine 1977-1979
Electron Microscopy Society of America, National Traveling Poster 1984
Chancellor's Teaching Enhancement Award, University of Missouri - Kansas City 1986-1987
Instructor of the Year, School of Dentistry, University of Missouri - Kansas City 1995-1996
Visiting Scientist, Mayo Clinic - Jacksonville 1997, 2002-2005
Outstanding Faculty Scholarship Award, University of North Florida 2003-2004
UNF Competitive Sabbatical (one semester) 2007





Southeastern Branch of American Society for Microbiology, President (2008-2009)
Southeastern Branch of American Society for Microbiology, Newsletter Editor (2006-2009)
Southeastern Branch of American Society for Microbiology, Policy Committee (2004-2007)
Beaches Habitat Education Committee (1999-2001)
North Florida Affiliate- Race for the Cure- Grant Reviewer (2000-2002)
Faculty Representative, Federal Demonstration Project (2000-2007)
Ad Hoc Reviewer, Cardiovascular Research (2000- )
Ad Hoc Reviewer, USDA SBIR grants (2004, 2006)
American Heart Association - Kansas Affiliate, Peer Research Review Committee 1995-1997


University of North Florida
Chair, Nursing Promotion and Tenure Committee (2006-2007)
Chair, Departmental Bylaws Committee (2006-2007)
Chair, Brooks College of Health Bylaws (2005-2006)
Chair, MPH CEPH Accreditation Committee (2006-2007) 

Chair, Safety Advisory Council (2005-2009)
Chair, Institutional Biosafety Committee (2008-2010)
Chair, Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (1997-1999)
Chair, Research Committee of the Faculty Association (1999-2000)
MPH Advisor (2006)
Sabbatical Committee (2006-2007)
BOCH Faculty Affairs Committee (2006-2007)

Grants and Contracts Awarded


EXTRAMURAL RESEARCH FUNDING (Principal Investigator unless otherwise indicated)


Real Time/Near Real time Detection of Microbial Pathogens/Toxins

Dept. of Army DAAD13-00-C-0037

10/10/01-8/31/05  -  $860,455


Effects of Low-Shear Modeled Microgravity on the Detection of Escherichia coli, a Potential Bacterial Contaminant of Water Supplies in Long-Term Space Flight

Student Summer Scholarship Florida Space Consortium
1/18/05-8/31/05  -   $3,000


Real Time/Near Real Time Detection of Microbial Pathogens/Toxins Associated with Food, Water, Air and Human Specimens

Dept. of Army DAAD W911SR-05-0020

9/1/05-8/31/07   -  $434,296


Real Time /Near Real Time Detection of Microbial Pathogens/Toxins Associated with Food, Water and Surfaces.  

Dept. of Army W911SR-07-C-0084

9/26/07-9/25/10 -  $375,666


Diagnostics for Intentionally-Released Human Pathogens in Surface and Drinking Waters

Dept. of Army W911SR-07-C-0084

9/26/07-9/25/09  -   $105,814


Development and Evaluation of Immunoassays for Detection of Contamination of Surface, Reclaimed, and Drinking Water with Waterborne Human Pathogens

Dept. of Army W911SR-09-C-0005

12/16/08-06/19/11  -  $149,987



INTRAMURAL RESEARCH FUNDING (Principal Investigator unless otherwise indicated)


Autonomic Nerve Degeneration in Heart Disease Brooks Professorship 1998-1999 $18,000

Anti-Oxidant Mechanisms in Cardiomyocytes Brooks Professorship 1999-2001 $18,000

Exercise Training and Heart Failure Rehabilitation Brooks Professorship 2001-2004 $36,000 

Publications & Presentations


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(904) 620-2840