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Andrew J Buchwalter

Professor | Presidential Professor

Philosophy & Religious Studies | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Late Modern Philosophy, Classical and Contemporary German Philosophy, Social, Political, and Legal Philosophy, Philosophy of Social Sciences, Globalization Theory


University of California/Santa Cruz, A.B. (Philosophy) 1972.
Boston University, M.A. (Philosophy) 1976.
University of Heidelberg, Fulbright Fellow, 1977-79.
Boston University, Ph.D. (Philosophy). May 1988.


Buchwalter’s main research interests are in social, political, and legal philosophy, with special emphasis on the work and perspective of G.W.F. Hegel. His books include Dialectics, Politics, and the Contemporary Value of Hegelian Philosophy (Routledge 2011) the following edited collections: Culture and Democracy: Social and Ethical Issues in Public Support for the Arts and Humanities (Westview 1992), Hegel and Global Justice (Springer 2012), and Hegel and Capitalism (SUNY Press 2015).

Current CV


Fulbright Fellowship, University of Heidelberg, 1977-79.

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) Summer Stipend, 1989.

Florida Endowment for the Humanities (FEH), Spring 1990 conference, "Culture and Democracy Social and Ethical Issues in Public Support for the Arts and Humanities"

German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) Study Visit, Hegel-Archiv, Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Three Months, 1991 & 1992.

Fulbright Scholars Research Award (Council for the International Exchange of Scholars [CIES]), Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany, 1992-93.

UNF Sponsored Research/Academic Affairs Small Grants Program, 1995-96


James S. Kemper Foundation grant for the UNF Lecture Series and Symposium, “Globalization and Business Ethics,” 2002-03.

UNF Summer Research Grant, Summer 2009.

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida Center for Ethics, Public Policy, and the Professions Applied Ethics Research Fellowship, Summer 2010.

John A. Delaney Presidential Professor, University of North Florida, 2011-14.


Officer in Professional Organizations
Editorial Board Member, CLIO Hegelian Research Studies, 2009-present
Vice President, Hegel Society of America, 2010-2012

Publications & Presentations


Translation and “Translator‟s Introduction,” Jürgen Habermas (ed.), Observations on “The Spiritual Situation of the Age”: Contemporary German Perspectives (Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press, 1984 [paperback edition: 1985]), 381pp.

Editor and “Editor‟s Introduction,” Culture and Democracy: Social and Ethical Issues in Public Support for the Arts and Humanities (Boulder CO: Westview Press, 1992), 280pp.

Dialectics, Politics, and the Contemporary Value of Hegel’s Practical Philosophy (Routledge: London and New York, 2011), 342pp.

Editor, Editor's Introduction, and Contributor, Hegel and Global Justice (Dordrecht NL: Springer, 2012), 241pp.

Editor and Introduction, Hegel and Capitalism (Albany NY: SUNY Press, 2015), 224pp.


Articles/Book Chapters (selected)

“Law, Culture, and Constitutionalism,” Robert Williams (ed.), Beyond Liberalism and Communitarianism (Albany NY: SUNY Press 2001), 207-228.

“Political Pluralism in Hegel and Rawls,” William Rehg and James Bohman (eds.), Pluralism and the Pragmatic Turn: The Transformation of Critical Theory (Cambridge MA: MIT Press, 2001), 339-360.

Habermas, Hegel, and the Concept of Law,” in Kenneth Baynes and René von Schomberg (eds.), Democracy and Discourse: Essays on Habermas' “Between Facts and Norms” (Albany NY: SUNY, 2002), 129-152.

“Hegel, Marx, and the Concept of Immanent Critique,” in Michael Slater (ed.), Hegel and Law (Alderhot, UK: Ashgate Publishing, 2002), 59-85.

“The Idea of a Civil Religion for Modern Societies,” Hegel-Jahrbuch 2003: 271- 275.

“Structure or Sentiment: Habermas, Hegel, and the Conditions of Solidarity,” in David Rasmussen and James Swindal (eds.), Critical Theory (London: Sage Publications, 2004), 229-237.

“Hegel's Conception of the Relationship of Religion and Politics under Conditions of Modernity and Globalization,” Existenz: An International Journal of Philosophy, Religion, Politics, and the Arts, Vol 1, 1-2 (Fall 2006). 

“Hegel's Conception of an International „We,‟” Philip T. Grier (ed.) Identity and Difference in Hegel’s Logic, Philosophy of Spirit, and Politics (Albany NY: SUNY Press, 2007), 155-176.

“A „földi-isteni‟ állam hegli fogalma,” Kellék: Review of Philosophy 33-4 (2007): 87-104.

“Hegels Begriff des Staates als „Irdisch-Göttliches,‟” Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie, 56 (2008)/4: 495-509.

“Thompson, Participatory Parity and Self-Realization,” The Good Society. Volume 18, Number 1, 2009: 76-78.

“Is Hegel‟s Philosophy of History Eurocentric?” in William Dudley (ed.), Hegel and History (Albany NY: SUNY Press, 2009), 87-110.

“Weltgeist als Prinzip des interkulturellen Kosmopolitismus,” Hegel Jahrbuch, 2011: 78-84.

“Religion, Civil Society, and the System of an Ethical World: Hegel on the Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism,” in Angelica Nuzzo (ed.), Hegel on Religion and Politics (Albany NY: SUNY Press, 2012).

“Honneth, Hegel, and Global Justice,” in Tony Burns and Simon Thomson (eds.), Global Justice and the Politics of Recognition (Basingstoke and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013).

“Hegel, Human Rights, and Political Membership,” Hegel-Bulletin, 34/1 (2013): 99-119.

Contact Information

Building 10, Room 2337

(904) 620-1155