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Christine E Rasche

Associate Professor Emerita

Criminology and Criminal Justice | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Criminological Theory, Women and Crime, Domestic Violence, Homicide/Murder, Social Deviance



Dr. Rasche has taught core courses in both the undergraduate and graduate programs in Criminal Justice, as well as a variety of elective courses in both programs. She has been at the University of North Florida since its inception in 1972. She founded both UNF's undergraduate BACJ and graduate MSCJ programs in response to strong demand from the local community. Close ties with local criminal justice agencies for research, training and public service opportunities remain a key feature of the UNF Criminal Justice program to this day.

Dr. Rasche's major area of research expertise is in women and crime, with special emphasis on women in prison and the training of correctional staff to work with incarcerated women. She was a founding member of the American Society of Criminology's Division on Women and Crime, of which she served as the Chairperson in 1995-97. She developed a curriculum for training correctional staff which has been adopted by several state correctional departments. She has also served as a trainer in this capacity for the National Institute of Corrections. She most recently provided training to the Department of Defense at its Naval Consolidated Brig Miramar, San Diego, CA in June 2003.

Publications & Presentations

Books and Monographs
Rasche, C. E. (forthcoming). Understanding Women and Crime. Oxford University Press.

Rasche, C. E. (2001). Women Offenders in Pennsylvania Corrections. Pennsylvania Department of Corrections. Completely revised version of my Michigan curriculum guide (see below), tailored for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and implemented as mandated training for all staff working in women's prisons in that state.

Rasche, C. E. & Goodstein, L. (Eds.) (1995). Teaching About Women in Criminal Justice and Criminology Courses: A Resource Guide, Volume II. Cincinnati: Division on Women and Crime, American Society of Criminology.

Rasche, C. E. (1994). The Special Needs of the Female Offender. Lansing, MI: Michigan Department of Corrections. Revised version of my 1991 Florida curriculum guide, designed for the State of Michigan and implemented as the basis for mandated statewide training there.

Book Chapters and Articles
Rasche, C. E. (2010). Understanding the role of gender in suicide bombing: A preliminary criminological exploration. In C. G. Salfati (Ed.) Homicide Studies: Ten Years After Its Inception. Proceedings 2007 Annual Meetings of the Homicide Research Working Group. Chicago, IL: Homicide Research Working Group. 

Rasche, C. E. (2010). Joan Little. In Jensen, V. & Baird-Olson, K. (Eds.). Women and crime: An encyclopedia of issues and cases. Westport, CT: Greenwood Publishing Group.
Rasche, C. E. (2007). The dislike of female offenders among correctional officers: A need for specialized training. In R. Muraskin (Ed.). It's a crime: Women and justice, (pp. 689-706) Fourth Edition. Upper Saddle River: Pearson/Prentice Hall. (Completely revised version)

Rasche, C. E. (2005). Sexual relations with staff. In M. Bosworth (Ed.) Encyclopedia of prisons and correctional facilities, II (pp. 897-900). Sage Publications.

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Rasche, C. E. (1997). Theorizing about homicide. In Lattimore, P. (Ed.) The nature of homicide: Trends and changes - The proceedings of the 1996 meetings of the Homicide Research Working Group, (pp. 24-37). Washington, DC: National Institutes of Justice.

Rasche, C. E. (1996). Minority women and domestic violence: The unique dilemmas of battered women of color." Originally published in 1988 in Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, 4(3), 150-171. Reprinted in Price and Sokoloff (Eds.), The criminal justice system and women (pp. 246-261), Second Edition.

Rasche, C. E. (1994). Victim precipitation and social policy: clemency for battered women who kill. In C. Block & R. Block (Eds.). Questions and answers in lethal and non-lethal violence: 1993. Washington, DC: National Institute of Justice, U.S. Department of Justice.

Rasche, C. E. (1993). "Given" reasons for violence in intimate relationships. In A. V. Wilson (Ed.), Homicide: The victim/offender connection (pp. 75-100). Cincinnati: Anderson Publications.
Rasche, C. E. (1989). Early models for contemporary thought on female homicide and domestic violence: A review of the literature from 1895 to 1970. Women and Crime, 1(2), 31-53.

Foley, L. A. & Rasche, C. E. (1979). The effect of race on sentence, actual time served and final disposition of female offenders. In J.A. Conley (ed.) Theory and Research in Criminal Justice: Current Perspectives. Cincinnati, Ohio: Anderson Publishing.

Rasche, C. E. (1976). Encouraging women to enter the field of criminal justice. Southern Journal of Criminal Justice, 1(2), 1-13.

Rasche, C. E. (1975). Women as objects of criminological research. Originally published in Criminal Justice and Behavior, December, 1974, 1(4), 301-321. Republished by Sage Publications under the title The female offender, Sage Contemporary Social Science Issues #19, Beverly Hills, CA.

Rasche, C. E. (1991). The Special Needs of the Female Offender: A Curriculum Guide for Correctional Officers. Tallahassee: Florida Department of Education. Written for the Florida Department of Corrections, though never implemented here due to budget cuts.

Rasche, C. E. & Foley, L. (1978). Female Offenders in Duval County: A Demographic and Characteristic Analysis. Jacksonville, Florida: Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, publisher.

Contact Information

(904) 620-1724