Michelle R DeDeo

Associate Professor • Mayo Clinic Research Collaborator

Mathematics & Statistics • College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Computational Science, Analytic Number Theory, Number theoretic approaches to Graph Theory, Complex Analysis, Biostatistics


University of California - San Diego
Department of Mathematics (1993-1998)
[Department ranked #5 by the National Research Council in 1998.]

* 1998 - Ph. D. in Mathematics - Number Theory
* 1996 - M.A. in Applied Mathematics

California State University - Los Angeles
Department of Mathematics and Computer Science (1989-1993)

* 1993 - M.S. in Mathematics - Complex Analysis
* 1991 - B. S. in Mathematics with General Education Honors


Over twenty-five years of university experience teaching a variety of students and subjects.
Has strength in combining students with technology.
Familiar with all phases and aspects of university processes.
Has served on and chaired a variety of academic and administrative committees.

Current projects include:

  • Predicting seizures of pediatric patients from bipolar EEG data using EEGLAB, a MATLAB toolbox
  • Analysis of data and analytics of NCDB glioblastoma data at Mayo Clinic
  • Analysis of Florida state diverticulitis data at Mayo Clinic


2017-2018 Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award


American Assn. of University Women, American Mathematical Society, Mathematical Assn. of America,
Assn. for Women in Mathematics, Golden Key Honor Society, Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Summer 2016 UNF Teaching Grant Recipient
Topic: Discrete Mathematics II


Summer 2004 UNF Research Grant Recipient
Topic: Research on Symplectic Maps and Generalizations of the Toda Lattice


Summer 2003 University of North Florida, Summer Teaching Grant
Topic: Computational Number Theory


Summer 2002 UNF Research Grant Recipient
Topic: Research on Radon Transforms over k-dimensional rings

Publications & Presentations

"Association Between Treatment Facility Volume and Mortality of Patients With Glioblastoma" with Sonikpreet Aulakh, M.D., Joseph Free, Kyle Berdeguez, Steven Rosenfeld M.D. Ph.D, Alfredo Quinones-Hinojosa M.D., Asher Chanan-Khan M.D., Sikander Ailawadhi M.D. Preprint.

"Prediction of Seizures in Pediatric Patients using Bipolar EEG Montages" with Maanasi Garg. Preprint.

"The Heat Equation on the Poicare Upper Half Plane" with Elinor Velasquez. Submitted to AMS Transactions in Mathematics.


"On the Ramanujancy of Heisenberg graphs over Rings of degree 6 or more" with Vincent Dang and Yang Ge. Congr. Numer. 185 (2007), 111-126.


"The Spectrum of Platonic Graphs over Finite Fields" with Dominic Lanphier and Marvin Minei, Discrete Mathematics 307 (2007) pp.1074-1081


"An Introduction to Symplectic Maps and Generalizations of the Toda Lattice" with Elinor Velasquez. Congr. Numer. 169 (2004), 127-139.


"Radon transforms on (Z_k)^n" with Elinor Velasquez..SIAM J. Discrete Math 18, No. 3, pp. 472–478


"Generalized Kloosterman sums over the Rings of Order 2^r". Congressus Numerantium, 165 (2003), p.65-75.


"Zeta Functions of Heisenberg Graphs over Finite Rings" M. DeDeo, M. Martinez, A. Medrano, M. Minei, H.M. Stark, and A. Terras. In M.E.H. Ismail and Erik Koelink (eds.) "Theory and Applications of Special Functions: A volume dedicated to Mizan Rahman''

"Spectra of Heisenberg Graphs over Finite Rings" M. DeDeo, M. Martinez, A. Medrano, M. Minei, H.M. Stark, and A. Terras. PROCEEDINGS OF THE FOURTH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON DYNAMICAL SYSTEMS AND DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS, May 24 - 27, 2002, Wilmington, NC, USA pp. 215-222.


"An introduction to the Radon transform over k-dimensional space of Integers modulo n" with Elinor Velasquez. Congressus Numerantium, 156 (2002), p.201-209.

"Non-Ramanujancy of Euclidean Graphs over the Ring of Integers modulo 2^r" Discrete Mathematics, 265 (2003) pp.45-57.

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