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Deb Miller

Assistant VP | Digital Learning and Innovation

Center for Instruction & Research Technology (CIRT) | Academic Affairs Division

Areas of Expertise

EDF6480 Foundations of Educational Research

Quality Matters Peer Reviewer, 2014 (renewed 2016)
Blackboard Certified Trainer, 2013
Sloan-C Online Teaching Certification, Administrative Track, 2013
EDUCAUSE Learning Technology Leadership Institute, 2009


University of North Florida | 2015
Dissertation: Analyzing the Effect of Individual Factors and Organizational Context on Faculty Participation in Online Teaching


University of North Florida | 1999


University of North Florida | 1994


Dr. Deb Miller provides leadership for digitial learning policy, practice, and strategy at the University of North Florida. She oversees the Center for Instruction & Research Technology(CIRT) and UNF Online, and is a part-time instructor in the College of Education and Human Services. Deb also works with other campus stakeholders to investigate new digital learning technologies and facilitate the adoption of appropriate tools. Deb earned a doctorate in Educational Leadership and an M.Ed. in Instructional Technology from UNF and is an OLC certified Online Instructor. Her dissertation research focused on the influence of institutional and individual factors in faculty decisions to teach online.


2009 EDUCAUSE Jane C. Ryland Fellowship
2006 Blackboard Greenhouse Award for Exemplary Course
2000 Program Excellence Award, International Technology Education Association

Publications & Presentations

Miller, D.  (2019).  Three Practices for Significance in Leadership: Shared Mission, Reflection, and a Developmental Approach. In M. Ohlson (Ed.), Leading with Joy. Dubuque, IA: Kendall Hunt.

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Miller, D., Roberson, L. (2016). Supporting Campus Initiatives with Advanced Faculty Development: Unanticipated Benefits. Presented at the Educause Learning Initiative Annual Meeting 2016. San Antonio, Texas. 

Miller, D., Roberson, L. (2016). Supporting Campus-wide Faculty Development. Invited Presentation. Educause Learning Initiative Virtual Annual Meeting 2016. 

Miller, D., Lerman, J. (2014). Developing Faculty Experts in Distance Learning: Unanticipated Benefits. Presented at the 20th Annual Online Learning Consortium International Conference. Orlando, FL.

Miller, D.  (2013). A tutorial on logistic regression: Sorting through the maze of fit statistics, coefficients, and plots.  Paper Presented at the Eastern Educational Research Association annual conference. Sarasota, FL.

Roberson, L. & Miller, D. (2012). Preparing Faculty to Teach Online: An Innovative, Blended Approach. Presented at the 18th Annual Sloan Consortium International Conference on Online Learning, Orlando, FL.

Miller, D.  (2012). Social Media Savvy: Promoting Public Health. Presented at the 3rd Annual Public Health Conference, Jacksonville, FL.

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Bell, D., Miller, D. (1999).  Catch the Wave with Multimedia on the Internet. Presented at the National School Board Association Technology & Learning Conference. Dallas, TX.

Bell, D., Chambliss, C. Miller, D. (1998).  Jazz Up Your School's Website with Multimedia. Presented at the National School Board Association Technology & Learning Conference. Nashville, TN.

Bell, D., Kornegay, D., Miller, D. (1998). Making Waves on the Internet. Presented at the National Education Computer Conference. San Diego, CA.

Contact Information

Building 10, Room 1132

(904) 620-1416