Cynthia G Scott

Associate Professor • Ph.D

Public Health • Brooks College of Health

Areas of Expertise

Associate Professor, Clinical Mental Health Program, 2008- present

Director -- Rehabilitation Counseling Program, 2008-2009

Director, Addictions Counseling Program – 1995 – 1997




Intro to Group Psychotherapy, Mental Hth
Counseling Skills Development

Assessment in Rehabilitation Counseling
Introduction to Family Systems

Personality and Counseling Theories
Practicum, Clinical Mental Health

Practicum Rehabilitation Counseling
Introduction to Rehabilitation Counseling

Psychopathology and Dual diagnosis
Psychosocial Aspects of Disability

Rehabilitation Counseling Assessment
Assessment and Treatment of Addictive Disorders

Human Development (undergraduate)
Internship, Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Human Development (graduate)
Multi-Cultural Counseling

Chemical Dep. Counseling & TX 
Advanced Seminar in Addiction

Culture and Health
Internship, Rehabilitation Counseling

Ethics, Rehabilitation Counseling
Introduction to Group Counseling, Rehabilitation


Ph.D., Counselor Education (CACREP Approved Program)
Southern Illinois University - 1989


M.S., Therapeutic Recreation in Mental Health.
Southern Illinois University - 1979


B.S., Therapeutic Recreation in Mental Health
Southern Illinois University - 1975



Director, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling Master’s Program

Doctoral Faculty in Mental Health, Student Development, and Rehabilitation, the Division of Counselor Education -- University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa 1990 to 1995


Private Counseling Practice -- Cedar Rapids, IA. 1991 -1995
Treatment of individuals and couples with depression, anxiety disorder, substance abuse and obsessive compulsive problems, adjustment disorder, relationship and communication problems


Visiting Assistant Professor -- Department of Educational Psychology,
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL 1989 - 1990
Taught graduate level courses in Multi-Cultural Counseling and Human Development
Provided therapy for individuals and families in the University Clinical Center
Participated in service activities


Emergency Room Mental Health Assessment Consultant -- Jackson County Community Mental Health Center - Carbondale, IL 1989 - 1990
Provided emergency mental health assessment for individuals in crisis to determine criteria for voluntary and involuntary hospitalization and/or necessary outpatient treatment.


Counseling Intern (Dual Appointment) -- Wichita State University Counseling Center

and University of Kansas School of Medicine - August 1988 to August 1989.
An APA Counseling Psychology Internship at the Wichita Collaborative Psychology Internship Program

Full time individual and couples therapist Administration of a variety of assessment instruments, including projective, objective personality, and interest inventories, including Rorschach. Taught practicum in school counseling and practicum in mental health counseling.


Instructor & Graduate Assistant, Department of Educational Psychology

 Southern Illinois University - 08/85 to 05/88
Supervised master's level career counseling practicum students. Facilitated career development groups

Editor, North Central Association of Counselor Education and Supervision Newsletter

Facilitated training Groups
Counselor, Southern Illinois University Counseling Center (APA approved)
Counselor, Southern Illinois University Clinical Center


Writer, Editor, and Information Specialist -- University of Wisconsin at Madison, 1980-85
Created and edited original mental health, alcohol and other drug, health, and wellness related materials, including publications for the National PTA -- All publications distributed nationally and internationally.

Editor of the Wisconsin Prevention Network Newsletter for mental health and wellness.
Coordinated a team that evaluated nationally known human service films and publications,
and published evaluations in a nationally distributed periodical.


Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Prevention Specialist -- Oshkosh, WI - 1980
Developed a county-wide alcohol and other drug abuse prevention task force and subsequent activities, including alcohol and other drug education in the schools and communities.
Performed grant and technical writing.


Assistant Director, Crisis Intervention Counselor and Trainer

Synergy, Carbondale, IL - 1978-79
Provided crisis counseling and conducted training groups for suicide and crisis intervention
Conducted social skill building groups. Provided alcohol and other drug education. Served as agency liaison to Southern Illinois University and the community.


Instructor, Graduate Assistant, Department of Recreation

Southern Illinois University - 1976-77
Instructed courses in recreation therapy for emotionally disturbed and physically disabled
Populations. Supervised undergraduate students in their field work studies


Recreation Therapist -- University of Chicago -1975-76
Planned and executed a wide variety of cultural and physical recreation programs for an
in-patient psychiatric population. Participated in group and individual counseling and assessment.

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Rehabilitation Services Administration (Co-PI in name only) - $499,795, funded 1999

Division of Blind Services (PI) - $8,000, funded 2000

Gateway Community Services (PI – Outcome Evaluation)
$15,000 funded 1997
$20,000 funded 1998

Alcohol and other Drug Education Grant - (Co-PI) $450,000, funded 1995 ( University of Iowa)

Alcohol and other Drug Prevention. Grant NIDA, - $85,000, funded 1985

Illinois Dangerous Drugs Commission - $35,000, funded 1983

Dept. of Education Drug-Free Schools Grant - $250,000 - not funded, 1992

Publications & Presentations

Refereed journal publications and book chapters


Scott, C. G. (2010) Issues of addiction and abuse among African Americans. In G. Lawson and A. W. Lawson (Eds.) Alcoholism and substance abuse in special populations. Sarasota, FL: Pro Ed Publishers.


Scott, C. G., Nolin, J. A., & Wilburn, S., (2006) Barriers to effective clinical supervision for counseling students and postgraduate counselors: Implications for rehabilitation counselors. Journal of Rehabilitation Education, 20(2), 91-102


Scott, C. G. & Patterson, J. B. (2003). Gaps between addiction treatment and research: Challenges for rehabilitation counselors. Journal of Applied Rehabilitation Counseling 35 (2), 3-8.


Scott, C. G., (2000). Ethical issues in addiction counseling. Rehabilitation Counseling Bulletin, 43,

Scott, C. G. (2000). What is the best way to stop teen drug use? Understanding Attitude Change in Developing Effective Substance Abuse Prevention Programs for Adolescents. Reprinted In G. Bradley & J. Caskey (Eds.) Stand! Social Psychology (pp 98-103). Braintree, MA: Courswise Publishing, Inc.




Refereed Presentations


Scott, C. G., (2007, November) Barriers to effective clinical supervision for counseling students and postgraduate counselors: Implications for rehabilitation counselors. Presented at the American Rehabilitation Counseling Association, Tampa, FL


Scott, C. G., (2007, February) Barriers to effective clinical supervision for counseling students and postgraduate counselors: Implications for rehabilitation counselors. Presented at the National Council on Rehabilitation Education, San Diego, CA



Non Refereed Presentations


Scott, C. G., & Wynn, R. W. (2011) Barriers to effective clinical supervision for counseling students and postgraduate counselors: Implications for mental health counselors. Paper presented at University of North Florida.






Scott, C. G., (1993, 1994, 1995). Experiential learning, A week-long workshop presented at the University of Iowa Institute for Helping Professionals


Scott, C. G., Introduction to codependency (1992). A weeklong workshop presented at the University of Iowa Institute for Helping Professionals


Scott, C. G., (1992). Developing effective prevention/intervention programs on campus . Presented at Eastern Montana College, Billings, Montana


Scott, C. G. (1991). Building coalitions on campus: Presented at Loras College, Dubuque, IA, Southeast MO State U., Cape Girardeau, MO


Scott, C. G., (1992). Marketing effective substance abuse messages on campus. Presented at
Mt. Mercy College, Cedar Rapids, IA

U. of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Whitewater, WI

St. Ambrose College, Davenport, IA

Eastern Montana College, Billings, Montana


Scott, C. G., and Thomas, V. (1991). Families and dysfunctional patterns. A four-part radio workshop presented in Iowa City, IA.


Scott, C. G. (1990). Building effective prevention programs based on the U of Iowa Dissemination Program. Presented to university prevention personnel from across the country


Scott, C. G. (1990). Developing whole family literacy programs, Chicago, Il


Scott, C. G. (1989). Coming to terms with codependency. Wichita State University


Scott, C. G. (1989). Sexual attraction in supervision: Ethical implications,. Wichita State University

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(904) 620-1432