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Gerald W. Bialka
1997-date University of North Florida, Coggin College of Business
Department of Economics and Geography adjunct
1992-2000 Compleat Books at Sawgrass Village
Organized from scratch a small, independent bookstore in the resort and residential community of Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida. Compleat Books became a viable alternative to the burgeoning trend toward superstores and was respected for its community involvement and, unlike superstore competitors, its knowledge of books.
1979-1992 Mead Corporation
As Director of Corporate Development, led acquisition of several $5 - 600 million companies and prepared bids and analyses for many others. Sold various operations. Actively monitored takeovers and restructuring within the forest product and electronic publishing industries for acquisition opportunities. Developed contingency plans in response to rumored interest of several corporate raiders. Represented the Corporate Planning and Strategy department on a task force to capitalize on emerging opportunities in Eastern Europe.
As Assistant Treasurer, Banking and Investments, managed a $600 million pension fund plus $200 million of other employee benefit plans. Restructured asset allocation, replacing fixed-income investments with “portfolio insurance” thereby increasing Mead’s rank in the Trust Universe Comparison Service to the top 10% from fourth quartile over the previous three years.  Very possibly caused the stock market crash of 1987. Maintained all domestic banking relations and supervised cash management activities. Developed a new trading function to centralize all investment, short-term funding and foreign exchange activities. Invested up to $150 million in tax-advantaged municipals, preferred stocks, and foreign-source income funds. Aggressively managed $500 million of floating interest rate exposure using futures, options and caps, saving $15 million.
As Assistant Treasurer, Corporate Finance and International, arranged $460 million of common stock and debt offerings, leases and refinancings. Sold $95 million of corporate assets. Developed a commercial paper and a bankers acceptance program. Renegotiated credit agreements with ten international banks. Managed foreign exchange hedging and export financing programs. Made rating agency presentations resulting in an upgrade to single A from triple B.
As Manager of Financial Planning, developed and evaluated financial plans, capital structure alternatives and off-book financings for both the parent company and several large joint ventures. Computerized the overall corporate planning system. Sold tax benefits on $300 million of capital expenditures for $75 million cash and an $8 million after-tax profit.
1971-1979 Amoco Oil Company
As Assistant Manager of Consolidated Budgets and Control Reports, coordinated preparation and presented to Board of Directors, annual budgets and monthly financial and operating results and forecasts. Participated in development of control policies and interpretation of Financial Accounting Standards Board opinions.

As Financial Specialist analyzed and structured new projects, acquisitions, joint ventures and financings. Developed plan of restructuring of international finance subsidiaries in response to tax law changes. Developed foreign exchange exposure policies and was responsible for timing of sinking fund purchases of foreign currency denominated debt.
As Economic Analyst in Amoco’s international subsidiary, evaluated investment projects. Wrote company manuals on risk analysis and on foreign currency. Member of a task force to decide whether to pursue expansion in Iran or in Saudi Arabia.

1969-1971 University of Chicago, Department of Economics. M.A. All but dissertation for doctorate in mathematical economics and money & banking. Earhart, Ingersoll, Kelly and Field Fellowships.
1968-1969 London School of Economics, M.Sc. in international economics. Woodrow Wilson Fellowship.
1965-1967 University of Chicago, B.A. in economics and mathematics. National Science Foundation Fellowship. National Merit Scholar. Illinois State Scholar.

Understanding Human Behavior (Menninger Institute)
Negotiating with Difficult People (Harvard)
Continuous Quality Improvement
How to Talk so People Listen (Speakeasy)
Currency Trading (Citibank)
Pension Investing (Barr Rosenberg)
Corporate Finance (Joel Stern)
Getting to Yes (Harvard)
Decision Framing (Amos Tversky)
Topics in Investment & Finance (UC Berkeley)
Leadership (Center for Creative Leadership)
Currently a member of Oceanside Rotary and former board member and scholarship committee chairperson. Occasional La Villa art show judge. Previous activities include financing construction of a school in Guatemala; Cummer Museum of Art and Gardens board of trustees’ artistic affairs committee and education committee; FOCUS Cummer president; Nease High School advisory committee and school improvement team; Leadership Dayton; Dayton Area Partners in Education chairperson; Mead-Dunbar High School partnership chairperson; Dayton/Montgomery County Scholarship Program advisory committee, executive council, and finance committee.
Born in Chicago on April 3, 1947. Married with two adult children. Previously a grader for Milton Friedman, computer programmer, and U.S. Navy Reserve aviation electronics technician. Gerry is currently developing as a visual artist and taking various courses and workshops in painting, sculpture, and art history, with work on exhibit in and around Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida and El Rito, New Mexico.

FIN 3303 Financial Institutions
FIN 3324 Banking
FIN 4484 Financial Management II
ECO 2013 Principles of Macroeconomics
ECO 2023 Principles of Microeconomics
ECO 3203 Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECO 3411 Intermediate Statistics
ECP 3703 Managerial Economics
MBA Program
ECO 5115 Introduction to Economic Analysis

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