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David D Jaffee


Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work | College of Arts & Sciences

Areas of Expertise

Economic sociology, political economy, organization theory, sociology of higher education, the port economy, labor, international development, work and organizations, social and economic crises.


Ph.D. Sociology
University of Massachusetts-Amherst
May 1984


 M.A. Political Science
Washington University-St. Louis
August 1980

B.A. Political Science (Phi Beta Kappa)
University of Florida
December 1977


Research interests have included economic sociology, political economy, organization theory, and the sociology of higher education. Recent research projects include “The Ports Project” a community-based research project aimed at studying the various aspects and implications of a port economy, generally, and the expansion of the Jaxport enterprise, specifically. And, more recently, I have returned to my earlier interest in theories and dynamics of capitalist economic crises, but in the context of the ongoing neoliberal political-economic policy regime instituted since the late 1970’s.  

Jaffee teaches courses in Introduction to Sociology, Social Change and International Development, Social Science Data Analysis, and Political Sociology.


Phi Beta Kappa
International Fulbright Scholar - Hong Kong


American Sociological Association, Southern Sociological Society, Union of Radical Political Economists, Democratic Socialists of America


Publications & Presentations


Jaffee, D.  “Disarticulation and the Crisis of Neoliberalism in the United States.” Critical Sociology, forthcoming, 2019. Available through Sage OnlineFirst at:


Jaffee, D. “ Neoliberal Urbanism as ‘Strategic Coupling’ to Global Chains: Port Infrastructure and the Role of Economic Impact Studies. ” Environment and Planning C: Politics and Space, forthcoming, 2019. Available through Sage OnlineFirst at:


Jaffee, D.  “The Current Crisis of US Neoliberal Capitalism and Prospects for a New ‘Social Structure of Accumulation’.” Review of Radical Political Economy, forthcoming, 2019. Available through Sage OnlineFirst at:


Jaffee, D. and Weng, S. “Migrant Transnational Labor: Work, Identity, and Social Welfare of Seafarers.”  Pp. 155-171 in Q. Xu and L. P. Jordan, eds., Migrant Workers: Social Identity, Occupational Challenges, Health Practices. Nova Publishers, 2016.


Jaffee, D.   “Kink in the Intermodal Supply Chain: Interorganizational Relations in the Port Economy."  Transportation Planning and Technology, 39 (7), 2016.


Jaffee, D. (and David Bensman). "Draying and Picking: Precarious Work and Labor Action in the Logistics Sector". Working USA: The Journal of Labor and Society, 19 (1), 57-79, 2016.


Jaffee, D. “’A Deeper Channel Floats All Boats: The Port Economy as an Urban Growth Engine.” Environment and Planning A, 47 (4), 783-800, 2015.  


Jaffee, D.  “Building General Education With Hong Kong Characteristics”. International Education, 42 (2), 40-57, 2013.


Jaffee, D. "The General Education Initiative in Hong Kong: Organized Contradictions and Emerging Tensions." Higher Education, 64 (2), 193-206, 2012.

Jaffee, D. “Labor and the Geographic Reorganization of Container Shipping in the United States.” Growth and Change, 41 (4), 520-39, 2010.

Carle, A., Jaffee, D., Vaughan, N., and Eder, D. “Psychometric properties of three new National Survey of Student Engagement based engagement scales: An item response theory analysis.” Research in Higher Education, 50 (8), 2009.

Carle, A., Jaffee, D. and Miller, D. “Engaging college science students and changing academic achievement with technology: A quasi-experimental preliminary investigation.” Computers and Education, 52, 376-380, 2009.

PUBLIC SOCIOLOGY: Commentary/Editorials

“Primed for Amazon’s Satanic Warehouse.” Backpage editorial in The Folio Weekly, November 30, 2016.


“The Republican Party and the Lunatic Right.” Counterpunch, April 24, 2017.


“Political-Economic Correctness: Neither the ‘N’ Word nor the ‘F’ Word Shall Be Spoken.” Counterpunch, May 7, 2017.


“Rolling Back Democracy.” Counterpunch, May 19, 2017.


“Trump and the Double Backlash Boomerang”. Backpage editorial in The Folio Weekly, April 27, 2016


 “Class Warfare, Florida Style”.  Backpage editorial in The Folio Weekly, October 7, 2015


“An Economical Approach to Dredging.” Point of View in Florida Times-Union, August 18, 2015.


 "Race to the Bottom of the Channel."  Folio Weekly, October 2, 2013.


"Higher Education Trends Reinforce the Class Divide". Folio Weekly, June 12, 2013.


"Business Climate Florida-Style." Folio Weekly, March 3, 2013.


"Who Are the Job-Killers". Jacksonville Business Journal, August 17, 2012.

"Florida Universities Can Reform General Education", Gainesville Sun, August, 2012.


“Stop Telling Students to Study for Exams”. The Chronicle of Higher Education, April 22, 2012.


"Turfgrass Madness and the Lawn People" (published in Folio Weekly, Vol. 23, Issue 6)

"Pay Workers More, Stimulate Consumer Demand" (published in Jacksonville Business Journal)


Organization Theory: Tension and Change

Levels of Socio-Economic Development Theory (Praeger)




Matters Socio-Economic

Contact Information

Building 51, Room 2219

(904) 620-2850