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Harriet A Stranahan


Economics | Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise

Labor Economics, Public Finance, Applied Econometric Modeling, Economic Impact Analysis, Forecasting, Value of Life Analysis

Education Economics University of Washington
Master of Science Food and Resource Economics,  University of Florida
Bachelor of Science Business Administration, High Honors,  University of Florida


Harriet Stranahan is a Professor of Economics at UNF.  Her courses include Graduate and Undergraduate Business Statistics, Principles of Microeconomics, Labor Economics and Public Finance. She has lead several Study Abroad courses to Argentina, Chile, Spain, Portugal, Italy and South Africa.  Her research has appeared in well recognized economics journals including Contemporary Economic Policy, National Tax Journal, Journal of Public Finance and Journal of Economics of Education.  Harriet is very active in the business community providing expert consulting assistance with projects including economic impact analysis, return on investment, value of life, analysis.


International Travel Grant for Research and Teaching Collaboration 2012 Turkey, Morocco and Egypt

Outstanding Researcher University of North Florida Coggin College of Business 1999-2015

Outstanding Teacher University of North Florida Coggin College of Business 1999-2015

2015 Awarded Best Paper International Conference on Business and Economics Research, Brunei - ICBER2015

2016 Awarded a $15,000 Transformational Learning Opportunity Grant at UNF


Phi Kappa Phi

American Economics Association

Atlantic Economics Association

Western Economics Association

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Richard de Raismes Kip Research Grant 2001
Richard de Raismes Kip Teaching Grant 2000
UNF Summer Teaching Grant Award 1999
Oxford Round Table 2005, St. Anthony’s College in the University of Oxford, invited participant on ‘Economics, Politics and Financing of Education’


Publications & Presentations

‘The Onus of Student Debt: Who is Most Impacted by the Rising Cost of Higher Education?’ (With Mary Beal and Mary Borg), International Research Journal of Applied Finance, 2019  Volume 10  ISSN 2229-6891

'Equity Effects of Property Tax Caps: Evidence From Florida' (with Mary Beal and Mary Borg), Academic Journal of Interdisciplineary Studies, 2017 Volume 6 No 2.



'Labor Market Reform and Urban Married Women’s Labor Supply in China during 1993-2006: Have Women’s Wage Elasticities Changed During China’s Transition to a Free Market Economy?' (with Mary Beal and Albert Loh) Journal of Chinese Economics 2016 Vol 4 No 2. 


'Re-Examination Of The Property Tax Burden' (with Mary Borg and Mary Beal). Journal of Business & Economics Research (JBER), [S.l.], v. 14, n. 2, p. 51-60, apr. 2016. ISSN 2157-8893



'Predicting Consumer Commitment: A Case Study of the NFL and Ray Rice' (with Kristi Sweeney, Elizabeth Gregg and Megan Schamm-Possinger ) Case Studies in Sports Management 2016 Volume: 5 Issue: 1 Pages: 89-94.


'Impact of Household Computer Ownership on the Educational Attainment of Chinese Adolescents' (with Mary Beal-Hodges) AIMS International Journal of Management  2015 Volume 9 No 3.


'Transferring the Cost of Higher Education To Students and Families: Who Bear the Greatest Burdens?'  (with Mary O. Borg and Mary Beal-Hodges).  Journal on Business Review (GBR) 2014 Vol 3 No 3. pp. 79-87


"The Operating Leverage Impact on Systematic Risk within a Context of Choice: An Analysis of the US Trucking Industry", (with Robert E. Houmes and John B. MacArthur).  Managerial Finance, 2013, Vol. 38 Iss: 12, pp.1184 – 1202.


“Closing the Ahievement Gap Between High-poverty Schools and Low-poverty Schools” (with Mary O. Borg and Rody Borg)  Research in Business and Economics Journal 2012, Vol.5, March: pp.1-17.


“Account Turnover and Demographic Profiles: Which Investors Trade Too Much?” (with Seth Anderson) Journal of Financial and Economic Practice, 2011, Vol 8. Fall: pp.22-38.


“Effect of China’s One Child Policy on Educational Attainment” (with Mary Beal-Hodges and Albert Loh) Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics  2011, Vol. 23, pp. 201–221.


“Evidence on the Relationship Between Economics and Critical Thinking Skills”  (with Mary O. Borg)  Contemporary Economic Policy 2010 28(1):80-92.


“A Study of the Relationship between Strategic Cost Structure Choice and Stock Return Behavior in the Transportation Industry: Preliminary Results” (with John MacArthur and  Robert Houmes) American Society of Business and Behavioral Sciences E-Journal 2008, Volume 4 (1),  pp. 124-130.


“School Grades Based on Standardized Test Scores: Are They Fair?” (with Rody Borg and Mary O. Borg) Journal of Academic and Business Ethics, 2008, Volume 2, pp. 38-56.


“E-tail Spending Patterns and the Importance of Store Familiarity” (With Dorota Kosiel, UNF Coggin College of Business MBA)  Internet Research, 2007, Volume  17 (4), pp. 421-434.


“Plenty of Children Left Behind: High Stakes Testing and Graduation Rates in Duval County, Florida” (With Mary O. Borg and Patrick Plumlee) Educational Policy, 2007, Volume 21(5), pp.695-716.


“Does Lottery Advertising Exploit Disadvantaged and Vulnerable Markets?” (With Mary O. Borg)  Business Ethics Quarterly, 2005, Volume 15 (1), pp. 23-35.


“Some Futures are Brighter than Others: The Net Benefits Received by Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Recipients” (With Mary O. Borg) Public Finance Review, 2004, Volume 31 (1), pp. 105-126.

“Personality Type and Student Performance in Upper Level Economics Courses: The Importance of Race and Gender” (With Mary O. Borg)  Journal of Economic Education, 2002, Volume 33 (1), pp. 3-14.

“The Effect of Gender and Race on Student Performance in Principles of Economics” (With Mary O. Borg)  Applied Economics,  2002, Volume 34, pp. 589-598. 

“Lottery Funded Merit Scholarships: Some Lessons from the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program” (With Mary O. Borg)  Journal of Business and Public Affairs, 2001, Volume 28 (1) pp. 60-73. 

"Organizational Characteristics Associated with Hospital Chief Executive Officer Turnover" (With Nick Wilson)  Journal of Health Care Management, 2000, Volume 45(6) , pp.395-405.

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"Separating the Decisions of Lottery Participation and Lottery Expenditures:  A Truncated Tobit Approach" (With Mary O. Borg)  Public Finance Review, 1998 Volume 26 (2), pp. 99-117.   


"The Effects of Casino Gambling on State Tax Revenue"  (With Paul Mason) Atlantic Economic Journal, 1996 Volume 24 (4), pp. 336-348.


"Evaluating Returns to Post Harvest Research in the Florida Citrus Processing Sub-sector" (With Scott Shonkwiler)   American Journal of Agricultural Economics,  1986 Volume 68 (1) , pp. 88-94.


Mentored Student Publications/Presentation 

“ Predicting Box Office Revenues: The Importance of User Ratings” Andrew Nunn . Presentation at the 2011 International Business Research Conference, UNF, Jacksonville, FL 2011


“Factors Affecting Nonprofit Efficiency” Miriam Sowinski and Zachary Garretson Nonprofit World. 2009 Vol 25. February.


“ Predicting Retention in Honors Programs” Kyle McKay  Honors Education Journal, 2008  Volume 28 (3): pp 45-57.


“Using Geographic Information System to Examine the Relationship Between Access to Technology and the Academic Achievement of Students in Primary and Secondary Students” Melissa Covey and Sharon Cobb Southeastern Geographer, 2003 Volume 43 (2), pp. 293-306.


“Turnover Improves with Age” Greg Nelson, CM Management, December, 1996


Contact Information

Building 42, Room 3115

(904) 620-1219