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Catherine W Christie

Assoc Dean/Professor | Professor

Brooks College of Health Administration | Brooks College of Health

Areas of Expertise

Overweight and obesity prevention and treatment, nutrition in chronic disease prevention and treatment, and interprofessional collaboration in education and healthcare.


Ph.D. in Food and Nutrition.  Florida State University. The Graduate School, Department of Nutrition and
Food Science. 

M.S. in Food and Nutrition. Florida State University. The Graduate School, Department of Nutrition and
Food Science.

B.S. in Home Economics Education. Florida State University. Magna cum Laude.


Dr. Catherine Christie is Associate Dean in the Brooks College of Health at the University of North Florida. She is a Past President of the Florida Dietetic Association and co-author of four books including The Latino Food Lover’s Glossary, Fat is Not Your Fate, Eat to Stay Young and I’d Kill for a Cookie. Dr. Christie is also Editor of the Manual of Medical Nutrition Therapy which is updated and published by the Florida Dietetic Association each year.
A Registered Dietitian and Fellow of the American Dietetic Association, Dr. Christie earned her Ph.D. from Florida State University and served for six years as the Chairman of the Dietetics and Nutrition Council which regulates the nutrition profession in the state of Florida.


Dr. Christie is the recipient of several awards and/or certifications including Florida’s Distinguished Dietitian, Florida Dietetic Association Outstanding Service Award, Certificate of Training in Adult Weight Management, Certificate of Training in Child and Adolescent Weight Management, the American Dietetic Association Outstanding Dietetic Educator Award, and most recently the Excellence in Practice Award for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics.


2013- present Board of Directors, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
2013-2014 Professional Development Committee Chair, Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (formerly the American Dietetic Association)
2012-2013 Professional Development Committee Vice-chair, American Dietetic Association
2011-2016 Preventive Cardiovascular Nurses Association Scientific Advisory Committee
2010-2013 FNCE Program Planning Advisory Committee. American Dietetic Association
2010-present American Heart Association Jacksonville Affiliate Board Member

Grants and Contracts Awarded

Powerful Girls Rock! Nutrition, Physical Activity, Fiancial Health and Career Planning for Girl Scouts. (2010-2011) Us Grant, University of North Florida. Co-PI with Judy Rodriguez.
UNF Nutrition Faculty Proposal for Manual of Medical Nutrition Therapy Editor and Co-editors. (2009-
2014)  Florida Dietetic Association. Editor with co-editors N. Correa-Matos, J. Rodriguez, J. Perkin, J. Shank, D. Truesdell and C. Sealey-Potts.
Needs Assessment for Health Professional Education and Training on Childhood Obesity Prevention and Treatment. (2011-2012) The Blue Foundation. PI.
An Evidence-Based Transdisciplinary Approach to Pediatric Obesity Prevention and Treatment. (2009-
2010) The Blue Foundation for a Healthy Florida. PI.
UNF Nutrition Faculty Proposal for Manual of Medical Nutrition Therapy Editor and Co-editors. (2004-
2009) Florida Dietetic Association. Editor with co-editors with S. Weerts, N. Correa-Matos, J. Rodriguez, J. Perkin, J. Shank and J.A. Watkins.
Transformational Learning Opportunity- Belize. (2007)  University of North Florida
Transformational Learning Opportunity Grant. Co-PI with J. Rodriguez and J.A. Watkins.
UNF Brooks Professorship. Implementation and Utilization of a Transdisciplinary Model for Obesity
Risk Reduction in a Primary Care Center. (2007-2010)  University of North Florida. Co-PI with J.A. Watkins and J. Meires.
Body and Soul: A Faith Based Health Improvement Initiative. (2004-2007)  AME Ministerial
Alliance Grant. Office of Minority Health, Washington, DC. Co-evaluator with S. Weerts.
The Healthy Weight Action Learning Collaborative. (2006) City Match/AMCHP Women’s Health
Partnership. Collaborator with Duval County Health Department Nutrition Director and State of Florida Department of Health.
Transformational Learning Opportunity- Belize. (2006) University of North Florida
Transformational Learning Opportunity Grant. Co-PI with J. Rodriguez and J. Kemppainen.
UNF/VIM Initiative to Combat Metabolic Syndrome in Adults of Northeast Florida. (2005) 
Florida Dietetic Association. Co-PI with N. Correa-Matos and J. Rodriguez.
Transdisciplinary Partnership for Obesity Treatment at UNF. (2005)  UNF Foundation Board.
Co PI with N. Correa-Matos and G. Ames.
Fit Families- Nassau County Focus Group Intervention on Weight Control. (2004-2005)  Contract
with Nassau County Department of Health, and Northeast Florida Area Health Education Center. Co-Investigator with J. Meires.
UNF/VIM Community Partnership to Combat Obesity/Health Risks. (2004)  UNF Foundation Board. Co-
PI with J. Rodriguez.
Camp Intervention for Teens with Type 2 Diabetes. (2004) College of Health Summer Research Grant. Co-PI with J. Meires, J. Beam, and D. Radjenovic.
Editor in Chief for Development of the Handbook of Medical Nutrition Therapy, Florida Diet Manual.
(2003-2004) Florida Dietetic Association.
Student Nutrition Counseling and Dissemination of Accurate Nutrition Information. (2002-2003)  UNF
Foundation Board Grant. Co-PI with J. Rodriguez.

Publications & Presentations

Christie C, Kauwell GPA, Stapell C. (2016) Introducing the Academy’s 2016-2017 President: Lucille Beseler, MS, RDN, LDN, CDE. Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics 116(6): 897.

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Labyak CA, Jahan-Mihan A, Patterson R, Rodriguez J, Seabrooks-Blackmore JJ, Patterson K, Yu Z, Christie C, Sealey-Potts C. (2016) Fruit, Vegetable and Beverage Consumption in Duval County Middle School Students: Youth Risk Behavior Survey 2009-2013. Florida Public Health Review 13: 99-107.

Rodriguez J and Christie C. (2016) Practice Applications: Topics of Professional Interest. Tools for Assessing the Nutrition Environment of a Community. Academia de Nutricion y Dietetica 1(3):9-15.

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Christie C. (2015) Proposed dietary guidelines 2015 and implications for cardiovascular disease and diabetes. Journal of Cardiovascular Nursing 30(5): 375-378.

Sealey-Potts C, Yu Z, Alexander C, & Christie C. (2015) Identifying overweight and obese children: which assessment tool is most accurate? Topics in Clinical Nutrition 30 (2): 143-152.

Christie C & Rodriguez J. (2014) Health literacy and numeracy: how to achieve effective nutrition messaging.      (Conhecimentos em Saúde e Matemática Básica: Como Transmitir uma Mensagem Efetiva sobre     Nutrição). Nutrição Em Pauta 124: 5-11.

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Meires J and Christie C. (2011) Contemporary approaches to adult obesity treatment: update on
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Smith AR & Christie C. (2004) Facilitating transdisciplinary teamwork in dietetics education-a case study approach. Journal of the American Dietetic Association 104(6): 959-962.

Contact Information

Building 39, Room 3051

(904) 620-1202