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Christopher W Baynard

Associate Professor | Geography and GIS

Economics | Coggin College of Business

Areas of Expertise

  • GIS (Geographic Information Systems) applications and training
  • Spatial analysis
  • Geospatial accounting, landscape footprint analysis and environmental performance standards for extractive activities
  • Measuring and monitoring surface disturbances related to energy development using geospatial data and techniques
  • Land-use land-cover change
  • Militarized landscapes (new field)


PhD, University of Florida

MA, Louisiana State University

BS, College of Charleston (South Carolina)


Chris W Baynard is Associate Professor in Geography and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) in the Department of Economics and Geography. He joined the Coggin College of Business in 2008, where he teaches courses in GIS and economic, cultural and physical geography. Other classes include graduate-level economic geography and GIS, as well as Intermediate GIS and Introductory remote sensing, offered as directed independent study courses. 

Additionally, Professor Baynard has developed and led Study-Abroad courses focused on the wine industry in Argentina and Chile, alternative energy and sustainability in Holland, Germany, Spain (and Florida), as well as the mining industry in Chile (and Florida). 

Professor Baynard's research on the oil and gas industry has generated academic and industry papers and resulted in presentations at international conferences and corporate meetings. 

Other research areas include earthquakes and injection wells in the Central US and the nuclear testing legacy in southern Nevada: environmental and social effects. 

His service contributions include:
Director, Center for Sustainable Business Practices (CSBP)
Co-Director, Center for Economic and GIS Research (CEGR)
Board Member of UNF's Environmental Center

Committee Service:
UNF Academic Programs Committee (APC)
UNF Research Committee
CCB Continuous Improvement Committee (former Chair)
CCB Bylaws Committee
CCB Technology Committee
CCB Technology Enhancement Committee


• Association of American Geographers (AAG)
• Society for Conservation GIS
• American Association of Petroleum Geologists-Division of Environmental Geosciences (DEG)
• Association of Petroleum Surveying & Geomatics (APSG)
• Petroleum Users Group- Petroleum and GIS (PUG)

Grants and Contracts Awarded

• Environmental Center Board Initiatives Grant: Support provided for hiring a graduate research assistant for oil and gas landscapes in South Florida research. ($1,950).
• National Science Foundation (NSF) CRDF Global and Russian Academy of Sciences Joint Basic Research Competition. Title: Analyzing the geo-ecological state of steppe ecosystems affected by oil and gas production in North Eurasia (western Russia) and North America (northeastern Colorado). $34,963. (Feb. 2015). US PI: Chris W. Baynard; Russian PI: Alexander Chibilyev ($23,261).
• Research Grant- University of North Florida (UNF) Academic Affairs. Seed grant for submitting a full proposal to the National Institutes of Health (NIH) grant examining the relationship between climatic variables, physical activity and obesity.
Principal Investigators (PI’s): Chris W. Baynard (Coggin College of Business) and James Churilla (Brooks College of Health); Co-PI: Albert Loh (Cogging College of Business). $30,000.
• International Studies Grant- UNF International Studies Program. Purchase of XTools Pro ArcGIS software extension. May 2014. $250.
• Travel Grants to attend APSG and ESRI Petroleum GIS Conferences in Houston, TX. Apr. 2014. UNF Dept. of Economics and Geography. $1,800.
• Summer Teaching Grant for GIS course development. Summer 2013. UNF Academic Affairs. $7,500.
• Community Based Learning Grant: Mayport Revitalization Project. 2013-2014. UNF Center for Community Based Learning. $1,000.
• Environmental Center Seed Grant for project: Determining surface disturbance patterns related to oil and gas exploration and production activities in West Florida. Summer 2013. UNF Environmental Center. $2,000.
Resulted in published paper: A geospatial approach to measuring surface disturbance related to oil and gas activities in West Florida, USA. Advances in Remote Sensing, Vol 3. No. 2, June 2014.
• Travel Grant to present a paper at ESRI’s Petroleum and GIS Conference in Houston, Texas. May 2013. UNF Dept of Economics and Geography. $1,800.
• Travel Grants to present papers at two conferences:
   Association of American Geographers Annual Meeting in Seattle, WA
   ESRI Petroleum Users Group Annual Meeting in Houston TX.
UNF Dept of Economics and Geography, Spring 2012. $1,800.

Publications & Presentations

• Energy development in Colorado's Pawnee National Grasslands: mapping and measuring the disturbance footprint of renewables and non-renewables. Environmental Management, 2017, 59(6), 995-1016. Authors: Chris W. Baynard, Ksenya Mjachina, Robert D. Richardson, Robert W. Schupp, Alexander Chibilyev. (Funded research NSF-CRDF Award # OISEJ14J61033J0). First online 04/03_2017. DOI: 10.1007/s00267-017-0846-z
• GIS Mapping and Spatial Analysis of Cybersecurity Attacks on a Florida University. IEEE Proceedings,23rd International Conference on Geoinformatics. 2015. Authors: Zhiyong Hu, Chris W. Baynard, Michael Fazio.
• A geospatial approach to measuring surface disturbance related to oil and gas activities in West Florida, USA. Advances in Remote Sensing. 2014. Vol. 3, pp. 77-93.
Authors: Chris W. Baynard, Robert W. Schupp, Pingying Zhang, Paul Fadil.
• Oil and gas development in the Orenburg region of the Volga-Ural steppe zone: Qualifying and quantifying disturbance regimes. International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology. 2014. Vol. 21 (2), pp. 111-126.
Authors: Ksenya Mjachina, Chris W. Baynard, Alexandr A. Chibilyev.
• Understanding board-CEO power dependency perspective under symbolic management.
Competitiveness Review (accepted Sep. 22, 2013).
Authors: Pingying Zhang, Paul Fadil, Chris W. Baynard
• Remote sensing applications: beyond land-use and land-cover change.
Advances in Remote Sensing. 2013. Vol. 2(3), pp. 228-241.
Author: Chris W. Baynard
• Do late movers have advantages? An empirical investigation in the global wine export industry.
Advances in Competitive Research. 2013. Vol. 21(1), pp. 29-45.
Authors: Pingying Zhang, Andres A. Gallo, Chris W Baynard
• Roads, petroleum and accessibility: the case of eastern Ecuador.
GeoJournal, Vol. 2013. 78(4), pp. 675-695.
Authors: Chris W. Baynard, James M. Ellis, Hattie Davis
• The landscape infrastructure footprint of oil development: Venezuela’s heavy oil belt. 2011.
Ecological Indicators, Vol 11 (3), pp. 789-810.
Author: Chris W. Baynard

Contact Information

Building 42, Room 3230

(904) 620-1243

Office Hours

M & W 8.15-10.25am