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Mary C Hough

Associate Professor Emerita | M. Catherine Hough, PhD, MSN, MS, BSN, RN

Nursing | Brooks College of Health

Areas of Expertise

Applied Nursing Ethics

Nursing Management & Leadership

Learning & Instruction - Adult Education

Adult Health & Critical Care Nursing


PhD Adult Education - 1998

Florida State University

Department of Educational Foundations and Policy Studies


MS Nursing - 2000

Florida State University

College of Nursing


MS Healthcare Administration - 1991

University of North Florida

Brooks College of Health


BS Nursing - 1987

University of North Florida

School of Nursing, BCOH


Diploma in Nursing - 1974

Binghamton State Hospital

Binghamton, NY


Bioethics Certificate - 2006

Kennedy Institute of Ethics (KIE)

Georgetown University


Dr. Cate Hough's research interests focus in the areas of ethical decision making in professional nursing practice; experiential learning; distance learning and the use of technology in instruction.



2002 Excellence in Nursing Research Award – First Coast Chapter of the A.A.C.N.
2002 Outstanding Alumni Award – College of Health, UNF
2002 In Who’s Who Among America’s Teachers. Nominated by a former student, Amanda Hughson.
2001 Outstanding Clinical Instructor Award – Department of Nursing, UNF
2001 Keynote Speaker, University of North Florida, Spring Nursing Pinning
1999 Excellence in Critical Care Research Award - First Coast Chapter of the A.A.C.N.
1990 Inducted into Sigma Theta Tau International


Member of Sigma Theta Tau International

Charter Member of Lambda Rho Chapter STTI

Member of America Nurses Association

Member of Florida Nurses Association

Member of American  Association of Critical Care Nurses

Member of Jacksonville Bioethics Forum

Grants and Contracts Awarded


2003 Awarded John Francis Reilly Fellowship in Irish Studies, 2003 - $2,500.00
2001 Awarded Brooks Research Grant for $54,000.00 (2001-2004)

Publications & Presentations

Book Chapters


Chally, P. S., & Hough, M. C. (2004). Ethics. In K.K. Chitty (Ed.), Professional nursing: Concepts and challenges (4th ed.). Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders.



Chally, P. S., & Hough, M. C. (2000). Ethics. In K.K. Chitty (Ed), Professional nursing: Concepts and
challenges (3rd ed.). Philadelphia: W.B. Saunders




Refereed Journal Articles


Pope, B., Hough, M. C., & Chase, S. (2016). Ethics in community nursing. Online Journal of Health Ethics. 12(2). 20-29. doi:10.18785/ojhe.1202.03



Hough, M. C. (2008). Learning, decisions and transformation in critical care nursing practice. Nursing Ethics, 15(3), 321-330.



Bloom, K. C., & Hough, M. C. (2003). Student satisfaction with technology-enhanced learning. CIN: Computers, Informatics, Nursing, 22 (5), 1-6



Hough, M. C. (1996). Ethical dilemmas faced by critical care nurses in clinical practice: Critical Care Clinics, Medical Ethics, 12(1), 123-133



Non-Refereed Publications (Doctoral Dissertation)



Hough, M. C. (1998). Walking the line: A qualitative study of critical care nursing and the importance of
experiential learning with ethical decision making in clinical practice (Doctoral dissertation, Florida State University, 1998). Dissertation Abstracts International, 59(07A), 2301






Burnes, N. & Grove, S. K. (2006). The Practice of Nursing Research, 4Ed. Philadelphia: Saunders.



Lewis, S. M., Heitkemper, M. M., & Dirksen, S. R. (2006). Medical-surgical nursing: Assessment and management of clinical problems (7th ed.). St. Louis, MO: Mosby.






Refereed International Presentations



Hough, M. C. (2011). Learning, Ethical Decisions & Perspective Transformation in Critical Care Nursing Practice.  Translational Medicine Conference. Montreal, Quebec, Canada November 3-4, 2011



Hough, M. C., & Robinson, K. (July, 2007). Bringing Evidence Based Educational Practices to the Nursing Classroom. The 18th International Nursing Research Congress Focusing on Evidence-Based Practice. Vienna, Austria July 11-14, 2007



Robinson, K. M. & Hough, M. C. (2007, January). Throwing Out the Bath Water and Saving the Baby: Integrating Self-Directed Learning into a Core Clinical Nursing Course. The 21st International Self- Directed Learning Symposium. Cocoa Beach, FL.



Hough, M. C. (2002, May). Testing of Hough’s Focused Refection Model of Ethical Decision Making in Nursing Practice. Queen’s University, Belfast, Northern Ireland.



Hough, M. C. (2000, October). Moral obligation: The Moral Obligation to Educate Health Practitioners in Ethical Decision Making. International Collaboration in Nursing: The Influence of Ethics and Policy on Health and the Quality of Life, Fourth Nursing Academic International Congress, Washington DC.



Refereed National Presentations



Connelly, L. & Hough, M. C.(2008). Baccalaureate Nursing Students, OR Nursing & Bandura’s Social Cognitive Theory & the Importance of Self-efficacy. AORNE.



Bloom, K., & Hough, M. C. (2000, November). Fabulous friend or fearsome foe? Student satisfaction with technology enhanced learning. 2000 Computers on Campus National Conference. Myrtle Beach, NC.



Hough, M. C. (1998, March). Contemporary Challenges & Controversies for Nurses: The Interface of Ethics, Law & Policy. Co-sponsored by the American Association of Critical Care Nurses and the American Society of Law, Medicine & Ethics. Baltimore, Maryland.



State Presentations



Hough, M.C. (1996, September). Ethical Foundations. Speaker at 20th Annual Florida Society of gastroenterology Nurses Association, 1996 - Ethical Questions In GI Nursing, Boca Raton, Florida.



Refereed Posters



Hough, M.C. (1999, September). Poster presentation, Walking the line: The importance of experiential learning in ethical decision making in clinical nursing practice. Florida Nurses Association 88th Annual Convention - Mentorship: Shaping our future. Orlando, Florida.



Local Presentatons

Refereed Papers



Hough, M. C. (1995). Ethical Foundation: The role of the organizational ethics committee St. Vincent’s Medical Center, Jacksonville, Florida



Invited Presentations



Hough, M.C. (2001, April). Foundations in Nursing Ethics. JANIE, Jacksonville, Florida.


Hough, M.C. (2001, March). Parish Nursing Development: Ethics. Jacksonville, Florida


Hough, M.C. (2000, September). Parish Nursing Development: Ethics. Jacksonville, Florida


Hough, M.C. (1999, September). Parish Nursing Development: Ethics. Jacksonville, Florida


Hough, M.C. (1998, November). Walking the line: The importance of experiential learning in ethical decision making in clinical nursing practice. Sigma Theta Tau Fall Research Presentation. Jacksonville, Florida


Hough, M.C. (1997). Ethical Foundations and Principles with Parish Nursing.Jacksonville, Florida. Parish Nursing.


Hough, M.C. (1994). Ethical Foundations: Theoretical Frameworks and Ethical Principles. SVMC Ethics Forum, fall 1994.

Contact Information

(904) 620-2684